Anyone but you! [SasuxYuki story part 1]

Yuki! Can you believe it?! We're finally done with the chuunin exams! Can you believe it?!

Yuki smiled at the goofy excited boy that she called her bestfriend. Naruto Uzumaki.

Yuki: It's hard to believe Naruto. It feels like yesterday we were just in the academy...

Naruto: I know, but I'm more excited for the new specific missions they're giving us new ninja! *Naruto winked*

Yuki: Whats specific about them, Naruto-kun?

Naruto: Grandma Tsunade said we each would be paired with one ninja of the opposite gender, to go on a mission with! I hope I get Sakura-Kun!

Yuki: Wow Naruto-Kun, when are you gonna give it up? You know she's too stuck on that D-bag Sasuke Uchiha...

Due to his cocky, cold attitude, Yuki has hated Sasuke Uchiha from day one.

Naruto: Never give up, that's my ninja way!

Yuki: Ha! I think your crazy dream of becoming Hokage is more likely than getting Sakura-chan..

Sakura suddenly appeared in front of the two..

Sakura: She's right Naruto, I'm never giving Sasuke up!

Yuki: What brings you here Sakura-chan?

Sakura: It's time for you to be assigned your specific mission Yuki-chan!


Sakura: Hmph, I got put with dumb, lazy Shikamaru Nara. Wish it could've been Sasuke.. TT__TT

Yuki: Well I geuss I'll be on my way to the Hokage's office.. Wanna come with me Naruto-kun?

Naruto: No thanks.. I have stuff to do... *walks away dissapointed*

Yuki-Chan arrived at the Hokage's building, not really caring who she was put with. [She had never thought much of romance.] She didn't care, as long as it wasn't that dumb Sasuke Uchiha.

Yuki: You wanted to see me, Lady Tsunade?

Tsunade: Yes, it's about your specific mission.. I have some news.

Yuki: Alright, what is it?

Tsunade: You're very strong Yuki. Your mission will be the hardest of the newly assigned missions, meaning you'll have to be paired with the strongest boy.

Yuki: Alright, who is it? Neji, Lee, Choji, Kiba?

Tsunade: No, no, no, & no.

*a foot stepped through the door.

Voice: Alright, that annoying pink headed stalker of mine said you wanted to see me Tsunade?

Yuki's eyes widened. She knew that cocky, annoying voice from anywhere.

Tsunade: Yes Sasuke, I called both of you here today to tell you your new mission will be assigned together.


Sasuke: I didn't exactly want to be paired with a purple banged freak like you, either.

Tsunade: STOP IT YOU TWO! This is a VERRRY important mission, you will behave & complete this mission OR DIE! Whether I kill you myself or the enemy does!
Now listen up, the mission is as follows:
Yesterday, A few rouge ninja broke into the flower shop where Ino was working, & captured her. Your mission is to go directly to the point on this map, & bring her back! We have no clue what we're dealing with here, there are lives at stake! So you better do your best, & bring her back.

Sasuke & Yuki: They can keep her...

Tsunade gave them both steaming mad looks, then stated she needed a drink, & stormed out of the office.

As they stand there alone, they took a quick glance at eachother then hatefully turned away & crossed their arms. They peeked at eachother out of the corner of their eyes.
Yuki began to think.

All my life.. I've hated this kid. I've never been on a life or death situation mission before, & all the sudden it has to be with someone I can't trust?! This kid is phsyco.. It's untelling what'll end up happening.. But I guess I'll have to deal with it, or face the wrath of lady Tsunade...

Sasuke: We'll head out tomorrow morning at 10. Don't be late, stupid.


They both stormed out of the office, & prepared for the longest mission of their lives.

The Akatsuki Ambush! (my o.c. included)

Okay, this is one of my first fanfics so sorry if it's crappy. There's a picture to go with this in the "Naruto fanart" section. If they accepted it.
This fanfic includes my o.c. Kiiro, she's new to hidden leaf ninja. She just came to town a week ago, hope you like her.
here goes!

*Kiiro & Naruto have been long time childhood friends. They went to the ramen shop when they suddenly heard a huge explosion from outside, then smoke filled the ramen shop, so they walked outside to find 3 figures standing on top of the city shops, & the rest? well.... read.*

Kiiro- Wtf? What's going on Naruto?!

Naruto- it's the--

*Booom! (a piece of cieling crashes on Naruto & leaves him unconcious)*

kiiro- Wtf was that? Whoever you are, come & get a piece of me & leave Naruto outta this! *Hint: Kiiro is new to the village, so she has no clue who the Akatsuki are.*

*Kisame, one of the identified figures, starts to leap towards Kiiro to attack,
buuut, Shikamaru jumps in the way only to help her dodge his attack, & carry her by force to the outskirts of the village, in the forrest.*

Kiiro- Shikamaru! What's wrong with you?! I could've taken that sharkish freak easily!

*Another hint; Shikamaru is Kiiro's slightly older brother.*

Shikamaru- He's not as weak as you'd think, Kiiro. Don't go being reckless! Stay here or else. I'll get mom on you.

Kiiro- I'm not a freakin' baby shika!

Shikamaru- I don't care, stay here! & don't you dare leave! There's a big battle going down, & only the best of our village can take these people.. It's over your head. & I dont want you getting hurt, do you know what dad would do to me?!

Kiiro- Fine, whatever! I'll stay here!

*Shikamaru goes back to the village to battle*

Kiiro- Ughh, he gets to have all the fun...

*The battle goes on for hours while kiiro sits in the forrest & listens to the constant clashes of blades & screams of dying people.
Then, all the sudden, a huge crash & smoke appears, bringing down 5 trees with it. Thankfully, not the tree kiiro was sitting behind.*

Kiiro to herself- Wtf was that?

Kisame- You think I'm a shark freak?!! Well come out & play you little brat!

Kiiro to herself- Great, its the shark guy with the wierd coat.

*Kisame strikes his sword, bringing down 7 more trees.*

Kiiro to herself- Holy crap! There's no way I could take this guy. Not without my sword!

Kisame- Come on! I'm waiting!
* Strikes dword & brings down more trees*

Kiiro to herself- What am I gonna do!??

*Kisame was just about to strike the tree kiiro was hiding behind, but all the sudden a figure swoops from the trees & carries her away.*

* Alls she remembered was feeling someones body wrapped around her tight, protecting her, with their hand wrapped around her mouth to silence her. Their body tense & war magainst her own. She was hidden somewhere dark, but the moonlight Illuminated her surroundings enough to where she could see a little bit.*

* She looked up to see that some boy was the one holding & protecting her, for a second, she thought to herself that the boy wasn't too bad in the looks department.*

* But one thing puzzled her, the boy had on a coat like the mysterious shark guy. Could that have meant they were together & he wasn't protecting her at all, but instead bringing her to the Shark man? She didn't know. But she didn't really care. For some reason, alls she wanted was for him to hold her closer. She had never fealt this confused, or content, in her life.
The coat was black, with red clouds all over it. He had the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen. & glossy long blonde hair that was longer than hers. She couldn't help but stare at him.*

* The boy blushed as she stared at him. then he spoke,*
Boy- Don't think that just because I spared your life means I wouldn't kill you in a heartbeat. I eat little kunoichi like you for lunch.

*The more he talked, the more Kiiro thought he was going to kill her. She was speechless.*

Boy- But.. I spared you because I thought you were too cute to go to waste by Kisame..

* Kiiro stared into his eyes, not knowing what to say, or think. Alls she could hear or think about was her heartbeat & his, which each began to get faster & faster with every mysterious second that went by...*

*The boys eyes suddenly widened, like he had come to some great realazation of what he was doing.*

Boy- Gah... what was I thinking.. You can't know who I am. We could never be.. If you knew me.. the true me... It'd cause you nothing but misery & pain. I can't let this go any further, I'm sorry.

*Kiiro thought for a moment, this would be the end of her. Suddenly, she fealt a burning hand grasp the back of her neck.*

* She started blacking out slowly.. It wasn't death, or even pain. Just blackness. & exhaustion. She hit the ground softly. But was still consious enough to feel & hear.*

* She felt his soft hands pick her up and place her gently in a nearby forrest bush, & then began to cover her body with leaves to disguise her.*

* Footsteps.. the man was walking away from her. That is all she could sense or hear. But for some reason, alls she wanted so badly was to stop him from walking away. To know why he saved her life from the shark man, to know who he was, to know him... or why his existance would cause her nothing but pain. She tried to yelp out, but she couldn't bring herself to do so. Then she heard the words,*

"Pshh, you still looking for that little brat Kisame? I killed her ours ago in the village raide. She tried hiding in the ramen shop, so I set fire to it & watched her burn in the corner like a little bug. She's long gone."

Kisame- Dang, I really wanted a go at her. But oh well, if you got the job done, i geuss its okay Deidara.

*Deidara... she thought to herself. Jamming the word Deidara in her brain..*

Boy- Yeah, lets get outta here!

*All Kiiro heard afterwards was the sound of footsteps that eventually faded away & died. The boy saved her. Why? She didnt know. Who was he? another question she didnt REALLY have an answer to, except that his name must be Deidara. What just happened...?*

* Hours passed as she lay paralyzed in the bush, she finally blacked out totally.*

* The next morning, she woke up to singing birds & sunshine in her eyes. She was in a hospital bed. A happy, bandaged up, Naruto was slumped over. Staring into her newly opened eyes.*

Kiiro- What happened?!

Naruto- I don't know, you tell me! I got smashed, & that's where last night ended for me.

*Kiiro thought to herself that she shouldn't tell naruto about the boy, because she didn't know what to think of it yet. Or whether if he was evil, or good. But she couldnt help but wonder....*

Kiiro- Naruto, who were those people who ambushed the village last night?

Naruto- Those were the akatsuki. our new enemy. They attacked us last night, but Kakashi & the other sensei's ran them out of town. Thank god there were only 3...

Kiiro- So what do their wierd coats mean?

Naruto- Only members of the akatsuki wear those coats.

Kiiro-what are the akatsuki exactly?

Naruto- They're VERY strong rouge ninja. They're evil, & most of them joined the akatsuki because they were banished from their villages for murder & other broken laws. They travel around murdering, getting money, & causing trouble. They're heartless,cold killers.

*Kiiro thought this couldnt be how here rescuer was.. it just couldn't be.*

Kiiro- Are all the members truly evil...?

Naruto- Yes Kiiro, every last one of them.

*Kiiro was now even more confused than she was last night. Why did the man run from her, why did he rescue her? Why was he in the akatsuki?*

*The only 2 things she was certain of is that
1-He was evil.
2-She didn't care.

A fanfic: The story of why my O.C. Kiiro was kicked off team Asuma. -_-

Well this is my first fanfic, so sorry if its crappy! -__-
I'm sure if you watch Naruto you're familiar with Ino, & Shikamaru, but you obviously don't know my Naruto O.C. Kiiru, so here's a little info;

She's very short, the shortest ninja in the leaf village her age, but her size doesn't stop her from showing her feisty, tomboyish, tough, short-tempered personality. she's annoyed very easily by other girls, and hates all things weak, and girly. She is Shikamarus sister, & she is rough, like most Nara women. xD She was originally assigned to team Asuma, but was reassigned teams.
Why? Well, the story tells all. hope you like it. :D

It all begins when team Asuma assembles in the Hokage's office, awaiting their first mission assignment as a team. Asuma sensed some trouble, but couldn't quite put his finger on it....

Hokage; Alright children, your first mission as a team may seem easy, but don't go assuming things. So here it is: You are to go search for one of the villagers lost puppy. The villager said the puppy wandered off 2 days ago, & he hasn't seen it yet. Is your mission clear?

Team; Yes!

Hokage; Alright then, head out!

*Team asssembles outside of building, & begins to walk through the village.*

Kiiru; Jeez! This mission is for babies! It's embarassingly TOO easy, UGH!

Shikamaru; Alright then, if you think it's going to be so easy, then where do we begin searching?

Kiiru; Uhm....

Ino; I KNOW! Let's go ask some villagers if they've seen the dog around! :D

Shikamaru; Good Ino! Let's go ask that guy!

Kiiru; I didn't need your help Ino!

*Ino walks up to villager sitting on a bench*
Ino; sir, have you seen a little dog wandering around looking lost latley?

Man; Yes actually, when I went to pick herbs on the cliff, I saw a puppy wandering around in the flower field, he looked scared.

Ino; Okay, thanks!

Shikamaru; You heard that team, off to the cliff!

Kiiru; Shut up Shikamaru, it's not like you're the boss here!

Shikamaru; Maybe not, but I'm still bigger than you.

*Kiirus face turns read, and she punches Shikamaru so hard it sends him flying.*

Kiiru; YOU'RE WHAT NOW?!?!?!

Shikamaru; Nothing... -__-

*Team begins traveling to the Cliffs, they eventually make it.*

Ino; OHHH! Look at the pretty flowers!!!!

Kiiru; SHUUTUUUPP INO! *smacks her in the back of the head*

Ino; Hit me again! see what happens!

Kiiru; Give me a reason to.

Shikamaru; Stop fighting! Look over, there he is!

*team looks over to see puppy on edge of cliff*


*puppy yelpps & falls off side of cliff -___-*

Team; D:



*meanwhile, shikamaru goes & looks over cliff edge to find puppy landed safley on a ledge.*

Shikamaru; Look guys! He's safe! :D

*Shikamaru looks behind him to see a angry huffing Kiiru standing over am unconcious, brusied, bleeding Ino.*

Shikamaru; Uhm... Kiiru....

Kiiru; WHAT?!?!

Shikamaru; You get the puppy, I'll carry Ino home. -__-

**Team returns home with a mission accomplished, but due to hospitilizing Ino, Kiiro is assigned to a different team because she can't find a way to get along with her teammate Ino -__-

& That's the story, more to come! :D