There are some things I'm good at, and somethings I'm bad at. One of those things would be fan fiction. But! What I am good at how ever, is writing terrible fan fiction. There will be no continuing stroy unless specified, just random mini strories that are guaranteed to have you in stiches!

deth noet

L walked up to the house. Light was inside. "Bang!" Said L. Light then put his finger in L's mouth. mm. Said L. "It tastes like milk." :"Thats because Matsuda took all the sppoons so i had to use my finger to stir my coffee. OH" said L. Would you like my spoon? L handed light the spoon but then it blew up. Light's face looked just like mello.s. Then there was a knock at tyhe door. It was matt,. 'Mello you sexy bitch!' he shouted as he leapt onto loght. light said 'er, yers. Mello." Then mello walked it. "what the hell are you dooing matt? your mine don't go making out with other idoits." thyen matt relized it wasnt mello and shot light in the face. mello and matt when back to the bedroom and l rushed to light's aid. he was bleed like a menace. L drank up the spilling blood cuz hes a vampire. then light became avampire. the end.

Fight 2 teh deth

There he stood. A waft of breeze shook his hair about. Naruto stood at the other end of the field. They both knew that this was a fight to the death. Sasuke leaped through the air straight at Naruto. His grip on his kunai was physically powerful. Naruto ducked and Sasuke landed behind him. Naruto pulled out a shuriken when a scream caught them both off guard. “What are you doing?!” Called Sakura with distress in her voice. Tears were flowing from her eyes as she ran up to the men she loved so exceedingly. It had been fifteen years since they had last been together. “Sakura!? What are you doing here?” asked Sasuke. “I, I heard from a villager that two men had been fighting, and they fitted your description. I had to see you once again. I’m sorry that I left you fifteen years ago, but my lung cancer could not be helped. Once I left I heard that you two had developed apart. I see that it is true. I’ve come to marry both of you. I love you both unconditionally. I always have, especially you Naruto. When we were in ninja school, I pretended to love Sasuke, well I did, but I loved you more, now days I love both of you equally.” She looked unswervingly into Naruto’s eyes as he said that, an erotic smirk on her face.

Ichigo's problem

The moon shone in the sky like a colossal beacon that was hanging in the atmosphere. Ichigo looked up at the moon that shone in the sky like a colossal beacon that was hanging in the atmosphere, and contemplated deep thoughts about Rukia. She was small, yet large, good, yet not good, and all the colours in between. The thought of seeing her face once again made Ichigo weep until he could weep no more. He knew for a fact that Rukia’s face could never be the way it was, because the car crash caused her to need a face transplant. Now she had the face of an incomprehensible boar. It was not attractive to look at, and even worse to smell at. Ichigo had heard a fable of a hefty tree that had the powers to give inhabitants their faces back, and was probing for this fabled tree. He picked up a rock to look under it, but it shocked him so much that he began to blubber. The rock looked exactly like Rukia’s old face. He smashed the rock and it shattered into a billion pieces, some of which when through his ears. The thing was, it was no ordinary rock, it was a magic rock! The rock gave him the power to see x-ray vision! And with that he ran to Rukia’s house. When she opened the door he used his x-ray vision on her face. He could see her old face hiding behind the new one. She was beautiful! They got married, but it turned out Rukia had herpes so Ichigo died.

The shocking truth!!!!11

It was dark, the only light coming from his torch in hand. Sasuke stepped from rock to rock, stone to stone, as he made his way to the other end of the dim cave. He could see the light at the end and was about to exit when a hand from behind grabbed his shoulder. In a state of alarm he pulled a kunai from his pocket and put it to the stranger’s throat. “What do you want?” asked Sasuke in a disgruntled voice. “I need to talk to you urgently.” replied the stranger, in a familiar voice. “Who are you?” asked Sasuke in a confused state. And with that the stranger removed their shady cloak to reveal their true state. It was Sakura! “S-Sakura? Is it really you? I thought you had left for the village hidden in the snow capped mountains.” Said Sasuke, in a voice which was still struggling to come to terms with what was happening. “I, well, you see.” Sakura tried to force out a complete sentence, but it just wasn’t working. She tried once again. “It’s.” She took a deep breath. “It’s the baby Sasuke. You’re the father.” Sasuke could feel his jaw falling to the ground. “But you told me Naruto was the father!” Shouted Sasuke, unable to control the volume of his voice. I tear shed from Sakura’s eye as she began to speak once again. “I thought so too, but I went to the doctors and well, it turns out it’s yours.” Sasuke was so taken aback that his kunai fell right from his hand. The echo of it hitting the ground echoed around the cave, breaking the uncomfortable silence.