It was the end, Byakuran was stood there, he was on his last legs, about to die, there was a laugh, it was his but it didnt come from him "Illusions are fun arent they?" the man before them started to change, his body became slimmer and curvyer, the face changed slightly, the eyes became more angular and the lips became fuller and darker with a slightly blue tint, the purple 3 triangled mark didnt fade away, it stayed and if anything became more obvious, the wings became larger and long ears shifted through the short spiky hair, the person, obviously a woman, let out a small groan before collapsing to the ground. "Haha! thats one way to get rid of one of your biggest obsticals! get her friends to kill her" Byakuran had an ecstatic look on his face, he looked over at Varia "yes its who you think it is, that poor pathetic lump on the ground there is your Cloud guardian" he waited for some sort of reaction, which he never got, the entire Varia just stood there Emotionless, it wasnt that they didnt care, it was because out of all of the people there, only they knew the true Strength of Kida
Belphegor walked over towards Kida, he gently kicked her in the side
The one thing you did wrong Onii-San, was you always, Always, underestimated me, not only my strength, but how fast I heal "Senpai, she dead?" Fran was by his side peering down at Kida
"Having a Twin is so much fun!" Byakuran seemed to have snapped, the problem was, all of the Vongola was worn out from fighting the fake Byakuran, they would never be able to take him down now. Kida opened one eye slightly, she saw Byakurans foot by her face, he took a step forward out of her view so she closed her eye again and listened, with her good hearing she could hear every move he made. He was slowly walking forward away from her, she bent her head a teeny bit forward to see where he was, he had his back to her and was too far forward to see her. "Mind controll is a facinating thing, she can see everything she's doing but she cant controll it" he laughed lightly and pulled that same entrancing Smile that he shared with Kida "Little Sis here ran away when she was about 4 or 5 and i never saw her again" he paused to turn around and look at her, luckily Kida had closed her eyes again, "and then one day she turns up in my college insiting we're related" he laughed again, he turned to Shouichi "You Rememb-" he broke off suddenly, Kida had her legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck, she literally dug her fingers into his neck and tore, ripping his throat away and tossing it onto the ground. Byakuran stood there in shock, blood pouring from his neck. Kida hopped away from him, letting him fall to the ground, she stood over him with a look of discust on her face, he got the feeling this was something she often did, watch people die seemed a suiting thing for Kida to do in her free time, he was having weird thoughts. He looked up at Kida "Its like looking in a mirror" he grinned, the grin was short lived because Kida rammed her foot into his face as hard as she could, his whole face was covered in blood and was completley crushed. Kida looked up at the Vongola Famiglia for a moment "Kida, Why didnt you ever tell u he was your brother?" Bel had a rejected look on his face, although you couldnt see his eyes Kida knew when he was upset
"People fear what they don't understand," she murmered "People already Shun me for who I am, don't you think it would make it worse if everyone knew i was related to the crazy guy who wants to take over the world?" she looked around at everyone for a second before turning and slowly walking off towards the woods
"Hey Trash, Where'd you think your going? You have over a Year of work to make up for" Kida turns around and looked at Xanxus with a trace of a smile on her lips, she walked over towards him, Shooting a look of Daggers over to Bel who's only response was to let out a slightly scared Squeak
"My, My Kida, your all cut up! Let me heal you up!" Lussuria wrapped his arm around her waist ans slung her over his shoulder, she would normally object but she was too worn out. As soon as she felt Varia walking off she fell unconcious.
:] This is the sort of thing i make up in my head in school when im bored :] or when im in bed TRYING to sleep x_x this is something that i made up ages ago but wanted to write but never did :3 but now i have! Let me explain WHY Kida and Byakuran are Twins x_x
Literally i made Kida, an albino with purple eyes (Cloud Guradian) she was an elf and she had big feathered wings, Kida has Dissociative Identity Disorder (Google it) so she often acts all care free like Byakuran does and has his smile but then i watched KHR and was like WTF THIS DUDE IS A MALE KIDA D:< so instead of being angry like i would normally i decided to make them related and make them twins :] coz Twins are cool like dat :] lmao and i wanted her to be younger :] so i made it the smallest possible age gap :] anyway i wanted her to be Like Ghost and have the opposite eye have the triagle thing but her fringe doesnt cover that eye so its under the same one as Byakuran :] although she has a scar down her face so her mark is slightly messed up x_x ALSO BEFORE I GO i forgot to mention in this that Byakuran cut her hair to look like his coz he likes hurting his little sister, yno how in vampire knight (sorry people) Zero and Ichijou are like GRR i hate my older twin :] well thats like Kida and Byakuran although unlike Ichijou (or Ichirou x_x who knws) she makes it obvious she hates him :3 she grew up with the Bronco so they're really close :D anyway yeah he used illusions to make her look like him but he cut her hair thats why he says its like looking in a mirror D: IM GOING! SORRY I BLAB TOO MUCH Dx (btw kida has always been a protector, she always helps people but never stays in one place so i was like WOAH SH*T when there was a cloud guardian space :3 thats why i love KHR everything worked out so perfectly for my OC :D yay!)