One big Family

"VOOOOI! What the hell is all this shit about?! Why am I being owned by some weak trash who can't even tell a joke!?" Squalo was anxious. Anyone could tell he was desperate to know the answer. "I do know how to tell a joke! A joke about a stupid shark that... wait don't look at me like-- HIIII!" Tsuna squealed loudly, putting his arms up in a defensive stance. "Quit it!" "Farah?! What the fuck are you doing here?! I thought you were.." "Nope. I'm here now. I'm the one who set this up. So stop picking on Tsu, Squ." both Tsuna and Squalo were dumbfounded. "Whut... his nickname looks like mine.." Tsuna muttured out. "I know right?" I grinned from ear to ear, my glasses sparkling as I did so. "VOOOI! ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH MY WOMAN?!" Squalo exclaimed, raising his sword up to Tsuna's neck, who was cowering in fear by now. "Squ calm down. We're not dating at all, so stop freaking the guy out." I grabbed a hold of Squ's sword and pushed it down, allowing for Tsu to calm down. "So, you said that you set this up, Farah?" Tsuna asked hesitantly, being glared at by Squ all the while. "Yeap. I hope you dont mind, but I had to pick some people out. And so I picked the two out that I love the most." I stated, holding both Tsu and Squ in a tight bear hug. Squalo didnt think much of it as he was too busy glaring daggers at Tsuna, who yelped his trademark squeal again. "I LOVE YOU BOTH♥!"