Hey This is my World for my Friends who love Katekyo Hitman Reborn! :D literally you just have to comment and say who you want to be and who you want to own :D and i want to be Fran and i own Belphegor ;] literally you get to be your fave Character and you own the character you like the most so they are like your best friend :D also if a character is "Owned" you can still be that person and you can own someone who is a character ^^ PLEASE JOIN make it more interesting!!!

Characters are as follows
Character - Owns
Kida/AllHopeIsGone - Fran - Belphegor
Farah2 - Tsuna - Squalo
DNLuva - Hibari - Gokudera
Tao44Ren - Mukuro - Byakuran
MoonvsSun - Chrome - Ryohei
Kyriosa - Yamamoto - Bluebell
lmao just comment to join ;]

Storys!!! STORYS!!! OMG! I LOVE STORYS!!! ok let me explain, this world is for my Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fan Friends! ;] ok Mukuro, Hibari, Tsuna and ME (Fran) im going to leave a comment every so often and i want one of you to comment on it to turn it into a story EG:
Fran: Bel Was walking down the street with Me by his side When suddenly!
Mukuro: I Jumped out from behind a lampost and CACKLED! EHEEHEHEHEEH! Ima EAT YOUR LIVER!
Fran: i poke Bel-Senpai's Stomach "i think Bel-Senpai has better Liver than me, you can have him" Pulling off Bel-Senpai's coat and rolling up the bottom of his shirt whislt passing a butter knife to Mukuro
Mukuro: "Aww what? you look so much more tasty Fran" Mukuro eats Fran
Fran: vanishes and appears ontop of a nearby Cafe' "Master You're supposed to be clever! i was using illusions all along"
Mukuro: "DAMN IT" D: melts with the epicness of being outdone by Fran!!! >:D
Tsuna: "what happened here? this happened without me!? BUT IM THE MAIN CHARACTER! >:O OK LETS REPLAY THIS WITH ME IN IT!"
Fran: No
Mukuro: No
Sorry people i get carried away ^^ lmao that was fun ^^ as you can guess im Fran xD

Hmm? Another Story?

More Crap About Braith/Kida >:} mwahah only writing bits with her in xP (Next Page Please, Ive put it into pages so dont think it randomly stops... unless it does :3 shh) ok if you havent watched/read KHR then heres some character...

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It was the end, Byakuran was stood there, he was on his last legs, about to die, there was a laugh, it was his but it didnt come from him "Illusions are fun arent they?" the man before them started to change, his body became slimmer and curvyer, t...

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One big Family

"VOOOOI! What the hell is all this shit about?! Why am I being owned by some weak trash who can't even tell a joke!?" Squalo was anxious. Anyone could tell he was desperate to know the answer. "I do know how to tell a joke! A joke about a...

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Sorry Bel, Im Swapping you (IM NOT REALLY!) Combo Story

Fran: "Cats and Dogs Home? Why are we here?" Bel was looking confused
"Why'd you think?" Fran had been acting weird lately "I'm trading in my Pet for a new one" he crouched down infront of a cage with a in it "Nice Neko-Chan" he cooed he turned around to face Bel who he had trained to sit on the ground everytime he stopped walking "i dont need you anymore and you too badly behaved, you keep killing me your a liability, if it wasnt for my illusions by now i would be a human cactus so im going to find a cat it should be called.... Lambo! wait no thats terrible Bel you pick one, it'll be swapping with you so pick a comfy looking cage" Bel Snarled "Bad Senpai" Fran Scolded

Confusing Combo Story

Fran: Is sat ontop of the stature of liberty with his pet Bel
"Sorry Senpai, i was just trying to set the scene, yno? your such a wet Balloon"
"wet balloon? WET BALLOON?!" *Throws Fran off the Statue of Liberty* "Ushishishi! This is Bels Story Now!" So Here Bel is sat ontop of the Statue of Liberty By hims- "Bel-Senpai? Why are you talking to yourself?"
"Wha?! >:( (Angry Face) Illusions"
Kida: "look guys your commentating is so shit that im gunna have to take over ok? ill just sit here quietly commentating"
Bel: !? "But you ARE Fran"
O_O THIS MAKES NO SENSE will someone please figure out who is who and who the hell am i!? O_O