Kunena,falling is the story of Kunena Ichigoyume, a average-grade school girl, who is troubled with strange rumors about a small pocket mirror she came across in an abandoned house on a dare.
If that isn't a mouthfull, then you should read the rest of her stroy about the modern day "Alice In Wonderland" with a dark twist.

Chapter one;

My name is Kunena, and i just started school in a neihborhood where there is said to be strange going-ons. People dissapeared. Animals were misteriously killed. But thta wasn't going to keep me down. But I didn't know now, what i would soon. This all started in october, on a friday. The leaves were beatifully copper and yellow.

I was walking home, and ordinary day in the life of a school girl, myself.
My back weighed down by the infinite study books our teacher Mrs. Woeno had assighned.

Maybe sometime in the future, I'd get used to the eight assighnments a day.
I stumbled under the weight of my blue denim back-pack. Tripping over my new black school shoes was my speciality. I looked up from the cracked cement, and saw my one and only best friend, Mosashi. She's a bit older than me, and getting married soon. How could that ever get bad?

I pushed my brownish black hair out of my eyes, and waved to her, "Mosashi-chan, wait up!"

She turned around, "Kunena-chan, hi! Look, I can't talk right now, but, hey-you like it here?"

She'd lived here for a few years. Me, not so much.

"Yeah!", I nodded vigoresly, "Mosashi-chan, um, some kids at school told me about his haunted house, so, do you want to come with me?"