Hello there Welcome I am fallenangel8 but people in the real world call me Vanessa. I am 20 years old and a college student. I am a big fan of anime I loved it ever since I was a little girl. One of my favorites would have to be Ouran High School Host club its such a cute and amazing show. I also am a big yaoi fan I heart the yaoi and I am not shy about it.
I also love to read manga my favorite manga would have to be Peach Girl it's a great series. I love Momo in the manga. Peach Girl realy helped me get through high school. It showed to be myself and that it doesn't matter what other people think. Anime is pretty much my lie nothing special

I love all kinds of music from J-Pop, J-Rock, a little Hip-Hop, and other misc. music.

* <3 YAY Kris Allen <3 *

Kris Allen song No Boundaries

Loud and Proud

I Fallenangel8 am a Yaoi fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw Junjo Romantica just now and it melt my heart I would also like to add I saw it raw and understood it big first for myself. (fangirl scream) I heart yaoi and will forever!!!!!

(warming the following video shows man on man kissing)

Happy Birthday Archangel8

Today 4-11-08 Arch has turned 17. Happy Birthday to the best and only sister I have ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have to go back to that horrible place...I have to go back to school...I am sad...the good thing about it I don't have to go to my cousin's birthday party(I hate her) well time to go back to hell!!!!

More Nathan

OK Fallen that is funny but this is why I love Nathan Lane from the greats movie ever (The Bird Cage)there is also the added bonus of Robin Williams

The Greatest Man To Walk the Earth

Nathan Lane is my sister's and I hero and this is why!!!!