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This world is dedicated to the ridiculous side of anime, where 15 year old girls are "burdened" with jello-textured double d's, villains sport black feathers, and hair defies all laws of physics.
I hope that while reading you get a chuckle and stop to appreciate the things that make it all the more enjoyable to have fun otakuing.

I Choose You! And You! And You! And You!

DOUBLE D ATTACK Go! . . . It's super effective! PHYSICS fainted! ... REALISTIC BODY IMAGE has been defeated!

POOPFACE was always a jerk anyway.

Posted in the fan comic section, but I feel as if it had a place here, because anyone who has ever played Pokemon has spent at least 5 minutes contemplating that perfect insult of a name.

have fun otaku-ing!

Roses are Red, And so are His Eyes

Happy Valentines Day to All who like their tea seeped in $1500 antique china pots! .


For those of you who are relatively new to the wonderful world of Japanese pop idoldom, let me give you the low down. Basically girls who look like they're 15 years old and boys who look like they're girls who look like they're 15 years old dress up in pretty much cosplay and sing mostly shitty yet confoundedly catchy ditties about love and hearts and other things that translate poorly into English. There you have it. And the epitome of this genre is the super-group, compiling of over 6 members. Korean Super Junior and Girls Generation are good examples of this. However the most blatant example of this is AKB48. A girl group consisting of, you guessed it, 48 members. My guess is that the idea for this small idol army was made up by a horny man for horny men. But you be the judge:

I mean that's totally not objectifying underage girls in the least, right? Look at how great the music is. It's totally all about that glorious melody. That will play over and over in your head. Until the end of time.

So why, may you ask, is a barely mediocre and slightly more than sexist girl band doing on a blog about terrible anime?!? Well let me introduce to you a second concept:

The Vanity Project.
So in this world, NOT ONLY is this band the best thing since opium and cheese sandwiches, BUT pop idoldom is outlawed, and they take is upon themselves to fight the oppressive forces that dare squelch the lackluster song in their souls. With electric batons and tazer bows! Because guns and swords would be for someone with a penis.
ALSO they hold a secret galaxy-wide audition. GALAXY WIDE. Yes. This anime also takes place INNNN SPAAACCCEEE!!!! The main characters are actually the auditionees. They travel against all odds to the space idol school to train to become full fledged members someday. Space Idol School. It's like Hogwarts except lame.
So you follow the ongoing saga of these brave contestants learning the value friendship and love and selling yourself out to blend in. I hope they win. Go them.

In all fairty, this anime isn't terrible. The animation is pretty good and the story is okay, albeit generic. However, when you take into account how damn loud this band is trying to toot their own horn, it really adds that extra level of ridiculousness that makes the show so much fun to watch.

And people thought AfterEarth was bad.

Also have fun getting that song out of your head. . .
and otaku-ing

The Chicken Dance in Jpop

I used to think that, being in theater through most of my college career, I had done some of the most embarrassing things someone who isn't 7 years old could do.

Wowee was I ever wrong.