Good things hapen

Good things hapen ....
finally i have the chance to see you ...
it was few sec but i saw you ...
you was walking in the street ...... and you was busy with talking
you was ther and i saw you but you didnt see me
good things hapen....
i was walking in the mall i saw you in the mirror
i turn around and you gone it was crowded i lost you
you was in the pet shop
you was talking to your friend
and you didn't see me again
still good things hapen...
in the park i saw you ....
you came to me and you say hello
i was flashing .....
you ask me to go withe you as a date
i was happy
and i said good things really hapen

Broken Heart

Broken Heart.....
are you broken heart......
if you are
do not be will be no good for you
do not cry ......nothing Deserves your tears
do not lock your self in your room ...maybe you will see some one really care about you
do not blame your self....because the one how broke your heart he is the one you should blame

I just miss you

i just miss you .....


n the medial of your room i am standing
staring on every corners of it
i can see your shadow moving .....i know that you gone
i can hear your voice whisper in my ear .....i know that you gone
i can feel your touch on my shoulders ..... i know that you gone
but in my heart i believe that you are not gone


HI ..........
this something come to my head when iwas going to sleep i hope that you enjoy it
sorry ....
i am sorry i didn't come last time
i am sorry i didn't call you last night
i am sorry i was Busy when you need me
i am sorry i was not ther when you call me
i am really sorry .....can you hear me i said sorry can you forgive me now
i said sorry