I'm sorry.

Hey guys, so I haven't been on TheOtaku in a really long time, and I realized that I completely neglected to draw all of the drawings that I owed to people. I really wish that I could remember who I owed a drawing to, so if I happen to owe you a drawing PLEASE PM me so that I can draw it for you. I'm really sorry! Please forgive me!

Senior otaku!?

Oh my goodness! I got promoted to senior otaku!!!! I'm so excited! I've been really lazy and stuff recently, so I feel SUPER lucky to have been promoted! :D YAY!!!

Accepting requests!!

Hey guys. So, sometime in the next few days I should be getting a new Wacom Bamboo Connect so I'm accepting drawing requests. I will dedicate the drawing to you and everything. The only this is, it might take a few days because it still hasn't been delivered to my house, and, I already have a few things I have to draw. Other than that though request whatever you want!
Love, MissPuppettear

i need suggestions cuz im having an artists block.....

ok... im having a horrible artist block right now because i cant think of anything to draw.... i need help can you please make some requests. I know my art isn't that good but i'll dedicate it to you and i'll give you a gift because i can lol (^-^) so please...I need inspiration! XD

Super powers

Soooo if you had a super power what would it be? It can be a super pointless one like the one in the drawing where a girl (or boy) can make everything invisible on their bodies except for their Panties/underwear and their torso (boobs and stomach). Or it can be something like flying but you have to do it in the nude. The funnier it is the better. So yea, what would you like to have as a super power?