Marian Cross

Judgement (断罪者): This equipment-type Innocence takes the form of a large caliber revolver with an undermounted barrel. Cross is able to fire several bullets in rapid succession. These bullets will not cease until they hit their target. A symbol in form of a cross can be seen wherever these bullets hit (even on barriers). Cross has also shown an attack ability called 'Arrow Of Original Sin' (原罪の矢), which forms the shape of a demon-like bow around Judgement as a cross symbol appears in front of it. This ability was used by Cross to attack the Akuma Plant. Recently, Cross has shown the ability to use Judgement at a "purging level," which allows him to launch a large, devastating attack with a cross symbol on it similar to the crosses made by his regular bullets
Grave of Maria (聖母ノ柩): This parasitic-type Innocence doesn't belong to General Cross himself, but to Maria, an Exorcist with a parasite type innocence. It has been remarked by Allen that Cross is able to use magic to control Maria's corpse during a fight therefore allowing him to also use her Innocence. It takes the form of a large, flattened coffin wrapped with a long chain. When the chain is removed, the coffin opens to reveal a beautiful woman in a fancy dress with a large bow tied over her eyes, which makes it slightly reminiscent of a butterfly. This 'woman' is in fact the corpse of Maria. With the defensive ability 'Magdala Curtain' (聖母ノ加護), Maria uses her song to create illusions that can conceal the presence of others. She also has another ability called "Carte Garde" which allows her (or Cross) to control the person's movements by affecting the brain. Lavi has pointed out that Cross Marian's use of the "Grave of Maria" anti-Akuma weapon is unorthodox and forbidden.


I was reading these over on wikipedia and I was at school. The second one Grave of Maria really creeps me out. I mean badly. If thats a corspe and a guy like Cross is hauling it around... Would'nt you be a little freaked out? I know I would. Cross creeps me out in general... (heh heh pun)XD Anyways, yeah thats cross' innocence.


OH OH OH! I love episode 80! The twins make there big enterence!!!!!!!11!!! You know you love em! Anyways I realized when they got caught in the traps Lavi was the one getting them out... With the bomb he hit it away (in the twins general direction) and the cage. He used his hammer to stop the ceiling. Yes Allen did break the bars to get out but Lavi saved there asses from getting smooshed! He even made it out himself! 8D Lavi's my favorite... Any how and the twins shooting Cross' bills at Allen was cool. The part with the "Blue Bomb" was cool too. But at the begining when the noah were crying was sad, espeically when Jasdero said he was gonna cry again! TT^TT It was so sad! But ok. I cannot wait for episode 81 I hope its as exciting as 80 was. JA NE!


Yuu Kanda

OK, I just finished watching D. Grey-Man episode 79 and I cried! That very episode is the enof Yuu Kanda! You heard me, Kandas dead! T^T So not fair, he was not my favorite but he was a kewl character. So all week I shall have a mourning session. Fangirls feel free to join me. So PM me and think of some ways to give Kanda his justice.