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So, no time to update, really. Just wanted to say that my contest, Cure Angstemia and Emoitis, is now officially OVER!! There were so many great entries, so check them all out! I got a laugh out of them. The winners have been declared:

~In first place, we have l33t with YAY LIFE! l33t did a great job drawing the characters' emotions and fully illustrating the theme of the challenge.

~In second place, we have cookiebunbun with Sit Still! cookiebunbun did an absolutely amazing job with the lineart and the coloring, even giving the characters dialogue!

~And last but not least, in third place we have DeidaraNarutoClan with Weirdly Cheering Up! DeidaraNarutoClan illustrated the theme with such a macabre sense of humor that the piece begged for the viewer's attention.

Thanks to all the participants! While I could only declare three winners, I believe all of your entries were simply wonderful! Great job, everyone!

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!

~~Cure your Angstemia and Emoitis today!~~