Name: Ethan Moreno

Age: 19

Species: Good spirit/Angel

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Metrosexual, bisexual but tends to lean towards men

Personality: Clever, wise, can seem ditzy, loves drama, funny, calm, quick-witted, nice, kind, graceful, cheerful, confident, can be a bit of an arrogant douchebag

Disorders: Not sure if this counts as a disorder, really, but he is another being inside of Erela. Just like Erela, he also has major OCD issues.

Hobbies: Gardening, flying, smiling, reading, singing

-Likes: Food, friends, music, listening to people, being affectionate, flowers, fancy stuff, dancibg
-Dislikes: Spicy foods, loud music, things being out of order, mean people

Powers/Abilities: He can heal with a touch and fly

-Hair Color/Style: Swoops over his eyes, and it's bleach blonde
-Eye Color: Sky blue
-Skin Tone: Peachy
-Height/Weight/Body Type: Lean, 6'0, slightly built
-Type of Clothing: Loose clothing, long skirts, tripp shorts with lots of chains, v-neck t-shirts
-Other Details (Markings, Tattoos, Scars, Wings, etc...): Has medium-sized angel wings that when he wants them, burst from his shoulder blades, has a cross on his collarbone, He pretty much looks like the male version of Erela

Past/History/Reason Why They Were Outcasted: He and Erela were twins, but somehow Ethan was born as an angel. Not wanting to kill their child, their parents knew that they couldn't keep Ethan's angel-ness a secret forever. So they managed to put both Erela and Ethan's souls in Erela's body.

Ethan DOES have his own body, but is waiting to be unleashed from Erela. This character will probably be introduced later in the story.