Name: Forever (birth named Pierce Valentine)

Age: 17

Species: Half-wolf/half-human hybrid.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay.

Personality: Shy, innocent, clumsy, uke, adorable, cuddly, likes to help in any way he can, obedient, quiet, lonely

Disorders: Has trust-issues

Hobbies: Knitting, reading, writing poems, singing and playing guitar

-Likes: BrokenTear, kissing, feeling loved, being warm, music
-Dislikes: Mean people, being tired

Powers/Abilities: He can communicate with animals pretty well, has very good aim and is a master at most weapons, he is also quite good with healing and taking care of others' wounds.

-Hair Color/Style: Shaggy two-toned hair that swoops over his eyes. His bangs are purple and the back of his hair is black. He dyes his bangs quite a bit.
-Eye Color: Icy blue, almost white.
-Skin Tone: A tanned, cinnamon color. He blushes often.
-Height/Weight/Body Type: Lean and just slightly defined. He's short, and skinny.
-Type of Clothing: Usually sweaters that are too big for him, pajama shorts and knee/thigh-high socks. He wears a studded collar with a chain hanging off it, (to signify that he is BrokenTear's slave), and a mask that covers his nose and mouth, because he cannot breath in any normal air.
-Other Details (Markings, Tattoos, Scars, Wings, etc...) Wolf ears and tail. He also has collarbone piercings and deep scars can be found on his shoulders, hipbones and ribs.

Past/History/Reason Why They Were Outcasted: Having lived in the wild for most of his life, it was a shock when his mother left him alone in a big city at age 12. Frightened but desperate for companionship, he befriended a teen boy. They became bestfriends and at age 16, the boy asked him on a date. Forever said yes.
On the date, Forever ended up drugged and raped, then beaten and left to die in the forest near the mansion. BrokenTear rescued him and has taken care of him since.