Name: Erela Moreno

Age: 19

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight, bisexual tendancies

Personality: Ditzy-- intelligence-wise, innocent, graceful, can be a little sensual, caring.

Disorders: Major OCD

Hobbies: Cleaning, cooking, gardening, keeping care of the house, solving puzzles

-Likes: everything to be clean, reading, other people, lolita, any type of fashiom
-Dislikes: BrokenTear (most of the time), messes, anything asymetrical and things that mess with her OCD

Powers/Abilities: n/a?

-Hair Color/Style: long blonde hair, swoops over her eyes. Sometimes it's curly/wavy, most times it's straight
-Eye Color: Sky blue
-Skin Tone: Peachy-toned
-Height/Weight/Body Type: Lean, short, curvy
-Type of Clothing: Lolita, maid uniform, formal dresses, typically black or white
-Other Details (Markings, Tattoos, Scars, Wings, etc...): uhhh, nothing really. LOL

Past/History/Reason Why They Were Outcasted:
Her parents locked her up in a mental institution for her OCD was getting out of control. BrokenTear happened to be visiting that hospital, and he wound up rescuing her, seeing how miserable she was while there.
She now works as the mansion's maid.
It's possible that she was pregnant and had a miscarriage from having sex with a doctor in the mental hospital, but she doesn't quite remember.