Name: BrokenTear (birth name is Raye Tande.)

Age: Looks about 24, but is at least 60 years old.

Species: Half Demon/Half ???

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: Dark, calm, can be seductive, protective, a tad creepy, sensitive, cold, can be loving and caring. He is now more of a sexual being, having lost his wife many years ago.
His demon side is very evil, angry, and malicious. It takes him over occassionally.

Disorders: Abandonment issues, terrified of death/mortality

Hobbies: Reading, researching, gardening (xD), teasing Forever and Erela, hunting

-Likes: Science, sex, flowers, love, taking care of people, hunting, exotic foods, cake, snow, dressing formal.
-Dislike: Most candy, spring weather, being mean or malicious, his demon side.

Powers/Abilities: Dark sorcery

-Hair Color/Style: Asymetrical-- long bangs that are parted way off to the side. Bangs are almost all white with a black streak. The side by his ear is black.
-Eye Color: Silver, red when demon side takes over
-Skin Tone: Lightly tanned. Almost snow-white as a demon.
-Height/Weight/Body Type: Lean, built but not over-board. Six-pack.
-Type of Clothing: Gothic clothing, chains, fishnet
-Other Details (Markings, Tattoos, Scars, Wings, etc...) Has a an 'X' tattoo'd over his heart, elf ears

Past/History/Reason Why They Were Outcasted: As a child, his demon side liked to take over his body quite a bit. He would terrorize the people of his hometown unwillingly. However, he did end up married and with a daughter.
He created the mansion, and saved Erela and Forever. They also collected a few outcasts and lived happily.
But when the mansion was attacked, his wife, his daughter, and the outcasts were all killed.
Living with Erela and Forever, and being a bit sex-deprived and loveless, he likes to use them for sex sometimes. However, he isn't mean about it and doesn't force them into it.
He decided to restart the mansion, in hopes of it being more successful.