Name: Yukihara Shinosuke (Yuki for short)

Age: She's actually 21, but she appears 13.

Species: Shapeshifter

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: A joking, fun-having trickster with a quiet, mature, but very pained, side hiding underneath, and is very protective of the people she gets attached to.

Disorders: Remebering she's human when shifted, not afraid of death, tends to piss the wrong kinds of people off.

Hobbies: Painting, poking fun at people, reading, dancing.

-Likes coffee, sweets, apples, roses, knives, books, paint, guns, fire, and making others smile.
-Dislikes blood, losing control of herself, killing, hurting other people unless necessary, her past, most sour things, and lemons.

Powers/Abilities: Power over fire, and can use telepathy sporadically.

-Hair Color/Style: Brown with red streaks-shoulder-blade length hair, bangs shifted specifically to the right.
-Eye Color: Ruby red
-Skin Tone: Pale white
-Height/Weight/Body Type: She's 5'5, weighs 101 lbs. She appears small and delecate, but while she can't change her height, she's not as vunerable as she appears.
-Type of Clothing: Black, long sleeved shirt with white stars, red belt, brownish-black pants and black boots. Black, fingerless gloves and wears a black colar around her throat.
-Other Details (Markings, Tattoos, Scars, Wings, etc...) Scars criss-cross her back, with tiny little scars over her wrists, throat area, and a pale scar going down from the bottom of her right eye to her jawline.

Past/History/Reason Why They Were Outcasted: She was out-casted because she could shape-shift into any animal or supernatural creature, and was considered to be a demon. She has a history of doing bad things to survive, and she also has a history of stealing things. She also dislikes talking about her "family", and life before she was on the run.