The new and improved Evil Angel.

Feeling like you're being watched, you slow down your pace as you travel through a forest. Everything is silent, even the chilly breeze doesn't make the trees rustle. No animals are anywhere to be found.
A sharp pain enters your arm. You feel stunned as two men approach you. Lying on your stomach, you try to move or even scream, but you're paralyzed.
"We'll take care of you." The obviously older man smiles, vampiric fangs poking out from his lips.
"You'll like it here."

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Take A Walk


"I am so glad you're back. Erela's great and all, but she's no you." My face was in Akane's hands and my arms were around her waist. The world felt right, felt like we fit together like puzzle pieces.

"And I love sleeping, but it's not nearly as wonderful as being with you." I smiled coyly. I kissed her again with less passion and more affection.

I could feel butterflies rising in my stomach in a pleasant way I had never felt before. I had been with people before Akane, people I had met in the hospital, people I lived with before they died. But they left me without leaving their mark. I never felt attached to them, not like I was to Akane.

She had already left me ruined for anyone else now, and we hadn't known eachother for very long. But I wasn't sure that I really minded it. I couldn't see myself with anyone else, now.

"So what shall we do now?" I asked, knowing I would be happy with whatever she said so long as I spent time with her. Who knows when I would slip back into sleep and awaken Erela? I hated how unpredictable this was.


Yuki recalled the memory of her acquaintance who had caught his hair on fire. I smiled, watching her talk with excitement. It was cute and her mood was contagious. I sat up as she did and reached towards my toes, trying to stretch my legs. I squirmed as they entered the tingly, static-y stage of being asleep.

When I noticed Yuki watching my struggle, I pursed my lips together and stood up slowly, "I need to take a walk, my legs are asleep."

I lent a hand for her and helped her up, "care to join me?" I motioned to a pathway in the garden that extended to a opening in the fence. It led to the outside of the manor and around the forest area.


After excusing himself for a moment, Setsu came back into the room. He looked well enough, but something seemed off, enough to worry a little.

I smiled softly at him and he smiled back and I felt a warmness in my chest. He stood in the doorway so I got up to greet him. I walked to him and pressed myself into his embrace and looked up at him.

I kissed him lightly before settling into his arms and resting my head below his shoulder. I wondered if I should ask him if he was okay. After a moment, I decided. I lifted my chin to meet his eyes once again.

"I-is everything okay, Setsu?" I asked shyly, "I feel worried for some reason."

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Not so Sweet


I laughed along with Brokentear, imagining the scene as he described it. The laughter died in my throat at the reminder of his wife. I never begrudged the dead, but it was easy to begrudge the living. I smiled bemusedly and gave it a teasing edge when I looked at my pillow.

"Braces, huh?" I teased, and grinned when he grimaced but nodded. I let that trail of thought go and smiled at the sky. "Trees indeed have feelings...some of them, anyways. You probably accidentally kicked a...I think the name is driad? Anyways, you probably kicked a forest spirit," I told him, smirking at his slightly inquisitive stare. I shrugged at him as much as I could in reply, not too familiar with the species.

"I met one once, when I was on the road. It's easy to confuse them for real trees." I said sagely. I left out that I had only met him when I chopped him down for wood, unknowing until the deed had been done that I had taken someones life. We were on happy topics, after all. I sat up after a moment of silence and stretched with a sigh, then popped my wrists and turned to look at Brokentear. He was rubbing the spot where my head had been laying and I smirked, guessing his leg had fallen asleep.

"I had an acuentance who set his hair on fire while cooking for his superior," I told him, smirking in memory of the event. Found out he Wa doing something by te fact the fire was purple. Dint quite register until we put the fire out and got him into a hospital, and by then we had medical prove it. Kind of killed some of the disbelief of the moment," I babbled, curtailing my inner cynic for a while longer.


"This is a journal of poems that I wrote. I've never let anyone read them, would you like to?" Forever asked me. I smiled and reached for the journal in reply, sitting down lightly at the end of his bed. After a moment, I felt Forever sit beside me and smiled another smile down at his poems. Lazily, I looked through them, scanning through each one and unraveling their meanings and feelings simultaneously. Forever fidgeted once I had gone through all of them and I turned another smile his way.

"They're beautiful, Forever. Very full of meaning. You're very talented, aren't you." It sounded like a question, but it wasn't. The way he blushed prettily assured me he understood it was a compliment. I reached out and rested my fingers lightly against his cheek and softened my smile to appear reassuring. "I don't say that lightly, dear heart," I told him quietly, brushing a finger down his soft skin lightly before pulling back, thoughtful.

I should've been wary of attachment, should have been more laid-back to avoid things like this. I would live forever in one form or another, yet just like with Yuki, I felt drawn to Forever. Except this felt different from the familial feeling with Yuki, this felt more personal than that, somehow. It was somewhat intimidating. Almost like a reply, my heart squeezed terribly and it got harder to breathe, an inhuman growl rising in my head and drowning my ears. The taste of copper rose in my throat and I smiled tightly to cover it. I brought Forevers hands to my lips and kissed them softly, distantly enjoying his almost automatic blush.

"Excuse me for a moment dearheart," I murmured, and then rose and left for the bathroom. Safely enclosed in there, I leaned over the sink and lost my lunch, and when there was no more food for me to lose, I spilled blood, the color bright against my suddenly pale skin. I heaved and tried to breathe deeply for air, trying to abate the burning in my lungs and the pressure against and around my heart. I looked up into the mirror to see a deep, maniacal grin on my reflections face, and heterochromatic white- black eyes stare back at me before disappearing with the pressure, the little bastards in my chest soothed by my pain. I breathed deeply again and again and reached a hand up to rub where wing met back to abate the pain there. Another sigh left my lips and I quickly washed the remaining blood from my face, then pinched my cheeks to bring color back to them. Satisfied, I walked back into Forevers room with a soft knock.

He sat exactly where I had left him, looking thoughtfully into space. He looked up with a smile when I knocked and I smiled back.

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You're Back!

"I guess I probably should have mentioned that my sister takes over sometimes. Oops." Ethan stared up at me through his blonde bangs.

"Uh, you think?" I asked as I pulled Ethan to his feet and hugged him tightly. It was so good to feel him in my arms again. His hands slowly wound their away around my waist, and he leaned into me. "I thought I was going crazy," I told him, breathing him in.

"Sorry, I'm assuming Erela filled you in on our predicament and everything?" he asked, pulling away but he kept his hands on my waist.

"She did, and we spent the whole time researching ways on how to separate you two. I know this time it didn't last very long, but Erela told me sometimes it could take weeks even months. And I was so scared that I wasn't going to see you again," I stammered, rushing my words, my hands flailing in between us. I took a deep breath to steady myself. I wasn't acting like me at all. I needed to get a handle on things.

"I'm so sorry. I never meant for this to happen, and I can't control when it happens. I wish we could, but I'm at its mercy," he rubbed my arms gently.

I shook my hands, a smile playing at my lips. "I'm just glad you're back," I grabbed his shirt and pulled him into me, kissing him gently on the lips. Reaching up, I caressed his cheek.

The kiss started out slow and gentle but soon escalated to needy and passionate. It had only been hours since we had been together, but it had felt like days. I had missed him more than I thought I'd ever miss anyone.

How was it possible to feel for someone so much? I felt as though my heart would burst from the amount of happiness I felt at this exact moment. How could one person make me feel so safe? So comfortable? So normal? I had been ditched and left behind by everyone I had ever cared about, but here was this guy who I had such amazing chemistry with that wanted to be with me.

I pulled back, trying to catch my breath. My heart was fluttering in my chest. I held Ehtan's face in my hands. "I am so glad you're back. Erela's great and all, but she's no you."

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"Do you think BrokenTear would know anything more about this than us? I mean, he is the head of this mansion, and he seems to know a lot about a lot. He obviously likes to read. Maybe he's come across something in his years that could shed some light on it? Oh, but I suppose you've probably talked to him about it already, huh?" Akane sat up in her chair, seeming to have a revelation.

"Oh, I've actually hardly brushed the topic with him. He never really knew Ethan and I wanted to be separate beings." I responded, blushing at the thought that I had never realized that BrokenTear might have a clue, "I think that would be a wise idea, Akane." I smiled.

I shut the book in my hands, "Shall we go to find him, then?" Akane following behind me, I walked to the exit. Long hair swishing behind me.

I wondered about Ethan. What was this like from his perspective? To be a boy and have a strong connection with Akane, and to not be a human like me. I wondered if he minded that I wanted to befriend Akane. Is that weird?

I shrugged these thoughts off when a yawn escaped my lips. How could I possibly be so sleepy after so much sleep? Maybe it was the reading.

My body felt heavy and I could feel myself slipping away. I turned to Akane to see a confused expression from her.
"I'm so sleepy..." I whispered before I knew I would be out like a light. I meandered my way to a cozy chair and closed my eyes.


I felt a whoosh of motion in my stomach, and I blinked my eyes open. Akane standing over me was a delightful way to wake up, even if in confusion.

"A... Akane?" I swept the hair back from my face, "Wha... Are we in the library?" I asked, glancing around the room. I rubbed my eyes and stood up, stretching, my shirt lifting with me.

After a moment, it all occurred to me what had probably happened. Akane met Erela.

"I guess I probably should have mentioned that my sister takes over sometimes." I let out a nervous chuckle, "oops."


"Needless to say, I was smelling mint for days afterwards," Yuki ended her story as we enjoyed eachother's company.

"That sounds like a lot of fun." I commented with a smile. I tried to remember stories from my own past that weren't too serious, "I didn't have siblings or really anyone for a while." I thought of a story I could tell and remembered it fondly.

"Once upon a time, back when I was a teenager." I watched as her eyes lit up with a sarcastic comment about my age, "yes I know, such a long time ago. It was such a hard time partying with no party favors and trying to entertain ourselves with the lute." I laughed along with her.

"My wife Alyssa and I were on our first date. I was really nervous, as well, because no one really liked me back then. Except her." I reminisced, remembering the bonfire lighting up her face. The cigarette smoke clouded her dark velvet red lips.

"I was such an awkward teenager, and Alyssa was such a carefree little flower child. Though you couldn't tell from looking at her. She always dressed in black. And me? I was a feared demon with braces." I snorted.

"But anyway, we were on our first date, and I happened to mention that I thought trees didn't really have feelings. But she thought differently. We ended up in an argument about whether or not trees could be upset. So, me being the total tough guy I am, I kicked a tree." I smirked at the memory, "And I'm fairly certain now that trees have emotions. Because that particular tree exacted it's revenge with a branch to my head."

I laughed, a little embarrassed but happy to share with Yuki.


"Well now, what do you feel like doing dear Forever? I'm up for anything." Setsuna asked me after kissing me.

I thought for a moment. What could Setsu and I do together? I'm sure we'd have quite a fun time with anything.

"I have no idea. We could return to my room and see if there's anything to do in there?" I asked, before gesturing to the door behind me.

I led him in, glancing around my room for something to do. After not finding much but my journal, I grabbed it and sat on my bed. He took a place beside me.

"This is a journal of poems that I write." I blushed, "I've never let anyone else read them, would you like to?"


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I softened my eyes and giggled with Brokentear at Forever's actions, imagining little gnomes staring at me from the ground. I shivered with unease at the mental image and giggled again.

"Can you blame him? The taste of mint is delicious, after all," I giggled, licking my lips from the remembered taste. I noticed how Brokentear's eyes involuntarily followed the movement and did it again to double-check. When the same result happened, I grinned a fanged grin at him and settled my hands on my stomach, carefully not mentioning it. Teasing him was just too fun.

"Angel would've done the same thing if she could've," I hummed, ignoring the sting that came with remembering her. "She used a candy cane as a weapon once. We were maybe 7 or 8 at the time, and the adults were out working. We were in the kitchen trying to bake cookies and I was babbling on about something. I didn't pay attention to how my words were affecting her and she got fed up with me, so initially she just sprayed me with batter. I threw flour in her face in retaliation and it devolved from there," I remembered, a fond smile playing on my lips. I could still hear her laughter in my head, and I had to nonchalantly blink tears from my eyes.

"This next part's my favorite. You know how she ended the food fight? By stuffing candy canes up my nose," I whined, and reveled in the laughter that immediately erupted from Brokentear. I held a pout for added affect, and then giggled quietly and relaxed. "The mess to clean up after was worth it though," I added, carefully editing out the sheer terror involved in the clean-up needed before our parents could get in from work.

"Needless to say, I was smelling mint for days afterwards," I added, and dissolved into giggles with Brokentear.


Forever disappeared into his room for a moment and I ran my hand through my hair with a sigh. What in the world was wrong with me? I was normally more laid-back than this, more subtle in my looking, yet I had obviously undressed Forever with my eyes. Why was it so hard to resist one beautiful boy?

Forever came out from his room and I looked up with a ready smile. The smile froze on my lips as I took in his adorable outfit. Did he really not understand just how tempting he was? His outfit was adorable without being childish and his shoulders begged to be nipped and marked. The little locket in place of the collar gave me an excuse to eye his slim neck before I took him in fully again.

"Won't you unlock your heart for me?" I teased, walking over to tug teasingly on the heart-shaped locket, and I smirked at his answering blush. "You look adorable," I murmured, kissing his masked lips quickly and smiling down at him. Standing straight again, I smiled brightly at Forever.

"Well now, what do you feel like doing dear Forever? I'm up for anything."