The new and improved Evil Angel.

Feeling like you're being watched, you slow down your pace as you travel through a forest. Everything is silent, even the chilly breeze doesn't make the trees rustle. No animals are anywhere to be found.
A sharp pain enters your arm. You feel stunned as two men approach you. Lying on your stomach, you try to move or even scream, but you're paralyzed.
"We'll take care of you." The obviously older man smiles, vampiric fangs poking out from his lips.
"You'll like it here."

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Worlds Apart.


"Because all I'll have with Erela are the memories of you and I. I want to have things to remember and look back on. Does that make sense?" Akane explained to me, seeming rather unlike herself. Much more meek and concerned instead of the confident girl I had met in the garden. So she was as deep in this as I was.

"It does make a lot of sense, actually." I smiled in reassurance, "I would love to get to know you, Akane." I took her hand and looked towards the exit.

"We could go for a walk." I suggested, thinking for a moment of where we could go. The castle was big enough to explore and talk as we did so.

Akane nodded in approval with the walk idea and I grinned before holding the door open for her, "and we could eat together tonight, too." I added.

For a while we just walked, enjoying eachother's presences as we found our way to an area of the castle I had been to only once or twice. It was colder here, but twice as lovely to look at. The walls were made of a reflective stone and looked very crystal-y.

"So, Akane, tell me about your life before meeting me." I asked, genuinely intrigued.


"Tell me more about yourself?" Yuki asked quietly with a smile. It seemed that she had calmed down quite a bit since getting here. I felt her hand in mine and kind of liked the fact that she hadn't let go.

I tried to think of what more I could tell Yuki, as I didn't really do much talking about myself usually. I looked at the trees around us, wondering which ones held spirits like Yuki had informed me.

"Let's see, you already know that I had a wife and daughter. You know that I plant pretty flowers, and that I kidnap people." I grinned, "I'm not sure what else there really is to me." I shrugged.

"Is there anything in particular you want to know, Yuki?"


"I'm dying Forever."

The words felt like a knife to the chest. My heart slammed in my chest and I felt the color drain from my face. I held my breath and stared ar the same wall Setsu was looking at. The silence that followed after the words twisted that knife. Thoughts raced in my mind as I trembled. I placed my shaking hands in my lap and clasped them together.

Dying? This couldn't be happening. This had to be a nightmare. A twisted, twisted nightmare. How could I find the one person I never wanted to let go of, then have him ripped away from me?

Before I even realized it, tears had formed on my eyelashes and I tried to blink them away but they kept coming. My throat felt tight.

"B-but you can't die." The words escaped my lips without my permission. I turned to face him and kept my eyes to my hands and his as they found their way together. He interlaced his fingers in mine and I bit my lip at the feeling.

"I don't want you to die, Setsu." I spoke, my words shaking and choked. I closed my eyes and sat in silence.

My Immortal


I looked at the area that Brokentear had pointed out and smirked. "Not afraid I'll run?" I teased him. His mouth flattened into a line at the same time my entire being rebelled at the notion, a small voice vehemently screaming at me for even thinking it in passing. I didn't say anything to disburse the seed I had planted, but I did take Brokentears hand and squeeze it reassuringly, before turning and dragging him off for our walk.

I let us walk in silence, absorbing the familiar sounds of birds chirping and the wind ruffling the leaves of trees. I could feel whatever tension that remained roll down my spine and out to the ground, and I felt more in my element. Oh I was just as happy in a city or in Brokentears mansion, but there was something about being in a forest or wooded area that soothed the locked off part of me. We were a good ways into our walk when I finally broke the silence.

"Feel better?" I asked quietly, and then smiled when Brokentear nodded, looking just as relaxed as I felt. I almost felt bad for having used him for a pillow for so long, and then squashed it ruthlessly. I smiled instead and turned forward again. "It's nice being out here," I told him, enjoying a breeze that went by and ignoring the fact that I hadn't let his hand go yet. I slowed down to walk beside him instead of infront of him and turned lazy eyes and smile on him.

"Tell me more about yourself?" I asked quietly.


I wanted to kick myself at making Forever worry, while a small part of me marveled at his instincts. I smiled at him and brushed my fingers down his cheek again before leaning down and kissing his lips lightly. I wasn't sure if I should tell him what was wrong, yet I didn't want to lie to him and then have him catch me puking later. With a sigh, I leaned down and planted my head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry to have worried you," I murmured, pressing a light kiss to his shoulder with a sigh. I stood straight a moment later and gave him a small smile.

"Let's sit. I want to tell you about myself," I told him. I realized by his surprise how abrupt I might have sounded, but I could feel my legs wanting to give out and my head felt light, and I didn't want Forever to see that. So we sat on the end of his bed and I looked at the opposite wall, slightly lost in my head.

"You're aware I'm a Fallen Angel, yes?" I checked. Forever seemed only a little taken aback, but nodded his head. I nodded and turned my eyes back to him, feeling my years come back as I told him. "And do you know what being one entails?" I asked. Forever thought for a beat and then shrugged shyly.

"You can fly," he murmured, "And you fell from Heaven. You might be old?" he questioned unsurely. I smirked sardonically and kissed his hands in silent reassurance.

"Yes, I'm old. I look 21, but I am much, much older than that. But my point is, I'm immortal. I will never die, or at least that's what immortality normally entails, yes?" I told him seriously, trying to convey with my eyes how serious and ageless I was. I turned away when he fidgeted, looking uncomfortable and slightly shocked. I gave him another moment to digest what I had said before smirking sardonically and bitterly at the wall.

"I'm dying Forever." I told him, lettig his hands go to clench my pants tightly in response to the reminder.

What to Do?

"So what shall we do now?" Ethan asked after another kiss. His kisses were my favorite. His lips were smooth and full against mine and knew just how to make me go crazy for more.

I smiled up at him and thought for a moment. "You know, as much as I would love to go get physical right now," I paused, a sultry smirk appearing on my lips. I turned and walked over to the table I had set one of the many research books upon and picked it up. "But I realized with my time with Erela that I don't know very much about you. Or you me."

Ethan nodded in understanding and walked over to me, taking the book out of my hands and read the title. "We've only know each other for a couple days, you can't really be surprised that there are things you don't know," he said gently.

"No, I know that. It's just that I do what to know everything about you. So I was thinking we could just go for a walk or get to know each other better over dinner, maybe?" I looked away, "I just don't want you to think that I only want to have sex with you. I want you to know that I love being with you more than the physical benefits," I looked away, scared of his reaction.

I couldn't believe how weak and meek I had become around him. Since when did I care what others thought about me? Where was my over flow of confidence I usually had? Where was my go-to attitude or my hold no prisoners demeanor? I could feel myself softening and changing. I didn't yet know if it was for the better. But somehow, I wasn't too worried.

"Look at me," Ethan instructed as he came to stand directly in front of me. When I finally turned my head and stared into his eyes, he took my hands in his and kissed the tops of them.

I interrupted him before he could continue. I wanted him to really understand me. "I know that Erela is probably going to take over again sometime, and I want to be able to think back to all the fun and amazing things you and I did together. Because all I'll have with Erela are the memories of you and I. I want to have things to remember and look back on. Does that make sense?" I asked. I searched his eyes for doubt, but I didn't see any.

Take A Walk


"I am so glad you're back. Erela's great and all, but she's no you." My face was in Akane's hands and my arms were around her waist. The world felt right, felt like we fit together like puzzle pieces.

"And I love sleeping, but it's not nearly as wonderful as being with you." I smiled coyly. I kissed her again with less passion and more affection.

I could feel butterflies rising in my stomach in a pleasant way I had never felt before. I had been with people before Akane, people I had met in the hospital, people I lived with before they died. But they left me without leaving their mark. I never felt attached to them, not like I was to Akane.

She had already left me ruined for anyone else now, and we hadn't known eachother for very long. But I wasn't sure that I really minded it. I couldn't see myself with anyone else, now.

"So what shall we do now?" I asked, knowing I would be happy with whatever she said so long as I spent time with her. Who knows when I would slip back into sleep and awaken Erela? I hated how unpredictable this was.


Yuki recalled the memory of her acquaintance who had caught his hair on fire. I smiled, watching her talk with excitement. It was cute and her mood was contagious. I sat up as she did and reached towards my toes, trying to stretch my legs. I squirmed as they entered the tingly, static-y stage of being asleep.

When I noticed Yuki watching my struggle, I pursed my lips together and stood up slowly, "I need to take a walk, my legs are asleep."

I lent a hand for her and helped her up, "care to join me?" I motioned to a pathway in the garden that extended to a opening in the fence. It led to the outside of the manor and around the forest area.


After excusing himself for a moment, Setsu came back into the room. He looked well enough, but something seemed off, enough to worry a little.

I smiled softly at him and he smiled back and I felt a warmness in my chest. He stood in the doorway so I got up to greet him. I walked to him and pressed myself into his embrace and looked up at him.

I kissed him lightly before settling into his arms and resting my head below his shoulder. I wondered if I should ask him if he was okay. After a moment, I decided. I lifted my chin to meet his eyes once again.

"I-is everything okay, Setsu?" I asked shyly, "I feel worried for some reason."

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Not so Sweet


I laughed along with Brokentear, imagining the scene as he described it. The laughter died in my throat at the reminder of his wife. I never begrudged the dead, but it was easy to begrudge the living. I smiled bemusedly and gave it a teasing edge when I looked at my pillow.

"Braces, huh?" I teased, and grinned when he grimaced but nodded. I let that trail of thought go and smiled at the sky. "Trees indeed have feelings...some of them, anyways. You probably accidentally kicked a...I think the name is driad? Anyways, you probably kicked a forest spirit," I told him, smirking at his slightly inquisitive stare. I shrugged at him as much as I could in reply, not too familiar with the species.

"I met one once, when I was on the road. It's easy to confuse them for real trees." I said sagely. I left out that I had only met him when I chopped him down for wood, unknowing until the deed had been done that I had taken someones life. We were on happy topics, after all. I sat up after a moment of silence and stretched with a sigh, then popped my wrists and turned to look at Brokentear. He was rubbing the spot where my head had been laying and I smirked, guessing his leg had fallen asleep.

"I had an acuentance who set his hair on fire while cooking for his superior," I told him, smirking in memory of the event. Found out he Wa doing something by te fact the fire was purple. Dint quite register until we put the fire out and got him into a hospital, and by then we had medical prove it. Kind of killed some of the disbelief of the moment," I babbled, curtailing my inner cynic for a while longer.


"This is a journal of poems that I wrote. I've never let anyone read them, would you like to?" Forever asked me. I smiled and reached for the journal in reply, sitting down lightly at the end of his bed. After a moment, I felt Forever sit beside me and smiled another smile down at his poems. Lazily, I looked through them, scanning through each one and unraveling their meanings and feelings simultaneously. Forever fidgeted once I had gone through all of them and I turned another smile his way.

"They're beautiful, Forever. Very full of meaning. You're very talented, aren't you." It sounded like a question, but it wasn't. The way he blushed prettily assured me he understood it was a compliment. I reached out and rested my fingers lightly against his cheek and softened my smile to appear reassuring. "I don't say that lightly, dear heart," I told him quietly, brushing a finger down his soft skin lightly before pulling back, thoughtful.

I should've been wary of attachment, should have been more laid-back to avoid things like this. I would live forever in one form or another, yet just like with Yuki, I felt drawn to Forever. Except this felt different from the familial feeling with Yuki, this felt more personal than that, somehow. It was somewhat intimidating. Almost like a reply, my heart squeezed terribly and it got harder to breathe, an inhuman growl rising in my head and drowning my ears. The taste of copper rose in my throat and I smiled tightly to cover it. I brought Forevers hands to my lips and kissed them softly, distantly enjoying his almost automatic blush.

"Excuse me for a moment dearheart," I murmured, and then rose and left for the bathroom. Safely enclosed in there, I leaned over the sink and lost my lunch, and when there was no more food for me to lose, I spilled blood, the color bright against my suddenly pale skin. I heaved and tried to breathe deeply for air, trying to abate the burning in my lungs and the pressure against and around my heart. I looked up into the mirror to see a deep, maniacal grin on my reflections face, and heterochromatic white- black eyes stare back at me before disappearing with the pressure, the little bastards in my chest soothed by my pain. I breathed deeply again and again and reached a hand up to rub where wing met back to abate the pain there. Another sigh left my lips and I quickly washed the remaining blood from my face, then pinched my cheeks to bring color back to them. Satisfied, I walked back into Forevers room with a soft knock.

He sat exactly where I had left him, looking thoughtfully into space. He looked up with a smile when I knocked and I smiled back.

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