Friday Encounter

Im walkning to shcool when I run into Kagura....
Kagura: Hey Sakaki!
Can I walk with you?
Sakaki: Mmhm.
Kagur: So I was at the store looking for new running shoes and I found the perfect ones.
The problem was that they were in two colors.Red and blue.
I was running out of time anyways and I had to rush to my swim meet.
I'm going to stop by the store today again to buy them; but first I need your opinion.
Which color should I get? The red ones or the blue ones?

I saw the same cat(Kamineko) and slipped away to go see him before i could answer Kagura's queston.
There I see him sleeping on the ledge.
I reached out to touch him and.......
OUCH!!!!! He BIT me!!
Kamineko just wont let go of my hand!
I try and try and try to shake him off ,but nope, he wont let go.
Kagura finds me trying to shake the cat off.......

Kagura: There you are!
I've been looking all over for you!
Shoo you stupid cat! SHOO!!
Sakaki: no stop...
Kagura: What? You want me to stop?

Hes so cut! I cant let her hurt him...
Heres what!..
Sakaki: I'll just have to master it. I have to make him stop myself.
Kagura: oh.... YEA!!Just master it!
Go on then Sakaki!

I just finished trying to master the cat...which was a failer and now I'm heading to school.
I walk in class, sit at my seat,and pull out my sketchbook.
I'm trying to draw Kamineko but I just keep on messing up.
Just then Yomi and Tomo walk in arguing about Tomo copies Yomi's homework all the time...or something like that.....

Yomi:Why cant you just do your own homework insead of copying mine!?!
Tomo:I dont always copy off your homework I mostly copy off of Chiyo!

But I'm not really listening.
Instead I'm daydreaming about kittens.Lots and lots of cute little kittens.
I reach out to touch one but I here it screaming Miss.Sakaki!...Miss.Sakaki....
I open my eyes when I felt someone tap my shoulder.
It was Kaorin.

Kaorin: Miss.Sakaki!
Sakaki: hmm?
Kaorin: what are you drawing?

Oh I forgot about my drawing.

Sakaki: Its a cat.
Kaorin: Oh a cat.
See you later!

I dont know whats up with her;but shes very fond of me.
After school I'm going to try and fing that cat again.

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