Hiya! So this is my first world, so if its a little slow or missing something please excuse my ignorance. Let me know what you think it does or doesn't need! Like the title implies this is really just gonna be a hodge podge of all the bizarre things that come to mind, let's hope it won't break the internet.

SS 2017 Wishlist

SS 2017!!! (Link if you wanna sign up)

My list hasn't changed much since last year but it's still changed so...

Kiss Him Not Me
Hayato Shinomiya, Nozomu Nanashima

Tokyo Ghoul
-Kaneki, Juuzou, Hide, Noro, Hinami

Ouran Highschool Host Club
-Kaoru, Hikaoru,

Soul Eater
-Black star, Crona and Ragnarock, Soul and Maka,

Black Butler

-Pluto, Ciel, Finni, Tanaka(chibi or not, I just love him)

Attack on Titan

-Levi(duh!), Armin, Eren, Connie,

-Yato, Yukine

No. 6

Yuri!!! On Ice
-Yuri Plisetsky, Yuri Katsuki


Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased)
-Satoru(as a kid), Kayo(as a kid), Hiromi(as a kid)

Other Interests:

BTS!!!!! (Favorite members are Jimin, Yoongi, and Taehyung Young Justice, Spiderman, Robin (Damian or Dick), The Joker

Fire Scout OC (Run Down)

I said he'd be the first to be featured on my world. Well here he is, Fire Scout. The first, the survivor, the pariah, the legend. *dramatic music* Birth Na...

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Fellow Otaku artists! I am torn! I have had this fancy shmancy Huion graphics tablet for almost a year now and barely used it.

"Why Chris?! It's so nice, where's all your digital art?"


"Why get a tablet and not think about getting a program, Chris? Ma!"

I know, I know. I wasn't expecting a tablet. It was actually a Christmas present from a friend. (Come on guys lets be honest, I could never afford one of these things)

"Get to the point."

Ok so here's my dilemma. I'm in a sort of good place with my college right now.

"Yes, that's veeeery evident with your obvious Inktober progress." *sarcasm*

....Yeah... Anyway. Since y'all have such nice digital art (waa! I'm so jealous!) could you guys maybe give me some suggestions? I don't know which programs are worth it. (A free program would honestly be the best, but I know that's pretty rare) I'm so lost in this horrible maze of deciding what to get. I just really wanna make my comics digital.
This is a ridiculous request I know, Gomenasai! Just a little of advice would be great though. If it's not too much trouble. Thanks guys.

Grim Acre Character Fun

Some OC fanart of my very own Reiner and Iaol. (The first of my drawings that I actually approve of) Done for an OC Halloween Challange.

Inktober 2: Batjoker Black and White

Black and white filter over the piece I did for Inktober (Here!) Wouldn't normally do this but I thought it looked really cool so, Tadaaa!

Happy Inktober!