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AAAAAAAA the best holiday of the year and I'm stuck doing nothing but voting!!?!?! LAME!!!

In other news! I've been getting invited as a guest artist for zines lately, it feels kinda nice but also waaaaayyyy nervous..... I suppose I still have a rather low opinion of myself and the things I create so I find it odd when people want to pay me? For art?? Idk Idk!!!! It's confusing LOL!!

I hope the rest of the year breezes by and next year will be better! Tall order I know BUT!!! We must sow the seeds to see the harvest!!!!!!!


DANG! It's been awhile!! I totally forgot this site was still a thing oops >.> lmaoo

anyways, I finally remembered my password to this account ( thank gawd for past me and writing important need to remember stuff down in notebooks! ) so I'm gonna sporadically art dump all the stuff i've drawn over the.....years.....oof that makes me feel old sayin that! But it's true.....Im 21 years old! Soon to be 22 in just over 2 months!! I didn't think I'd last this long but HA! I did!! My original deviantart account was deleted back in highschool which is a crying shame! I didn't keep any of the art I posted on that account on a back up usb so sadly I think it's hella gone forever!!( T^T) nooooo!

LOL Oh well, I think I've saved up more than enough usb's with all the new junk I draw so I'll have something to look back on in a couple more years!

Man! I think I'll be forever grateful to this site for being my starting point in posting art online! The uh....social environment on other sites is a wee bit hostile and kinda scary.....I'm glad I grew up posting on TheO and chatting with all the nice peeps that were on here way back in 2013! ( ok so 7 yrs ain't THAT long but it sure feels like a lifetime ago.....ufurbrhbjrfhb )

That being said, I think I'll always worry over the friends I made back then who no longer post online. I'm glad to have spoken with them when I did! I'll prob never know what happened or ever see them again which is sad but I guess thats kinda how online friendships go huh?

Ok ok lol I'll stop hooting before I make myself sad and listen to lofi nostalgia for a million hours cuz UGH!

Hope yalls are doing as well as you can be considering how weird and mostly garbage this year has been!!!!


hhrrrrmmm its sad but i guess mostly everyone moved on from this site, at least all the peeps that were here when i first joined.......

SS wishlist 2018

Oh boy its been awhile hasn't it?
i just wanna say a big thank u in advance!! okie list timezzz

Anything with any of my ocs would be hella cool!! You can find pics of them in my fanart portfolio

EDIT~ HHGHGFGHGFH THEIR NAMES!! I forgot to add them jdfdfjhdh

Yuki and Terra
Suite and Sane
Melacholic baby
Money honey
Starchild and moonsoul


Any of these characters from Jojo's bizarre adventure:

Jolyne Kujo
Mamezuku Rai
Mikitaka Hazekura
Hato Higashikata

Or these guys from Dorohedoro:

Shin and Noi

Ooorrr maybe these dudes from Houseki no Kuni:

Yellow Diamond
Amethyst twins

Yee I think thats about it?? lol

Hey Hey Hey

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