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SS Fanart Wishlist

Helloooooooo!! aahhh its that time of the year again huh?
SSSoooo! again for this year I'd like a drawing of one of my OC's! Anyone will do! Thank you very much in advance my dear SS!!!!!!
Imma make a list of the most reliable refrences uhuehuehthere isn't all that many

OC list:
Homura>>LINK<<(note: Homura has dark skin like Riku!)
Akira>>LINK<<(note: You don't have to draw blood and bruises if you don't want to!)

I think that might be enough yuheueh, I might also add please feel free to draw them in any outfit you'd like!


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo hey! I'm not dead!

Well, I've been gone so long haha sorry! It's all for good reason, you see, my sister bought me FIRE EMBLEM FATES!!!! I got all the games I wanted at once so I kinda disappeared haha hohoho I am currently playing Conquest and I am in love withh all my Nohrian siblings!! They are soo cool!!!! Especially Xander!
I have also been playing Bravely default which is really fun! All the characters are so lovely and vibrant ahhhh~ ehhe I'm gonna feel so sad when I finish them

OH! and I also got a tablet!! it's an Intuos draw tablet..it's so small and cute, I really need to practice with it and hopefully finally post some art >3<

wehehelll I can hear my DS calling me~

I must go once moreee~~~



I have a tumblr and deviantart and like....twitter and pixiv but liiike...I post nsfw stuff soo I don't know if I should put links or nahhh but like...yeah....ha


It's 4 in the morning and I just ate like 20 easter eggs......someone please help me, my life is out of control