This is a world i always dreamed of where all my favorite anime and original characters lived together unable to die, submit ur stories and pic please, (and if u want i can say more on how i thought the world should be.)

What is this magic world

This world is the place to be, u can't die unless u want to (forever is a long time u know), There is one hundred and ten arenas to fight in, some with special rules, Tones of shops for people like rangiku and Chi chi, woodland and theme parks with coasters,
they would have there houses move there and could pay to make it bigger, they would share the main part of the world, but the parts where they live would be split in 4 (The peace loving evil, Evil one's who love to fight, The peace loving Righteous, and Righteous one's who love to fight)
In one's house if they save money They can bye a dream room with any view they want and a much smaller fee to change it. (Hay this is a magical world)
As for money $100 will be given 5 days a week (500 week Monday-Friday think of Saturday and Sunday as taken out for food and rent good deal i know)(and don't worry for the one's who love to work will find some work for u so be cool)

(That's all i can remember right now)