Falling through the desolate realms,
Of my mind,
Of my soul,
Screams of agony all around,
In the dark,
In my heart,
Never ceasing,
Never fading,
Always sinking,
Always straining,
Can I stand this any longer...?
Will myself hold up much further...?
Plundering through the times of hate,
Times of loss,
Times set straight,
Now I know what resides here,
A stranger- another self,
With an answer for me to hear...
"You'll never be alone in this world,
I will stay here,
And you will learn,
I'll never leave,
I won't accept 'it',
You'll live with my terror,
And you can't stop it..."

Thanks for making me dissapear....

Don't you see me-?
Can't you hear me-?
Do you even notice,
When I'm there by your side?
I've turned invisible,
My wish came true,
I go unnnoticed,
By everyone of you.
I don't exist,
Just go about your lives,
I'm gone from this world,
Your memories,
Your life.


For the dream,
The dream of you,
The dream unseen,
Lost each day,
Gone each night,
I search for it,
For the dark and light.
I can't reach it,
I cant reach you,
What am I going to do-?
I need you now,
Forever more,
I need you here,
Not behind that locked door,
How long will it take-?
How long will it be-?
Til I can see you,
And you of me?
I can't ever dream,
I can't even see,
Only your voice resides here,
Heard and serene.


Through the darkness,
I lay alone,
Completely Unknown.
What was life...?
There is no meaning...
Why am I here...?
My existance so demeaning.
Laying there,
Uncaring to the unknown....
Drifting away,
To places disowned,
A light appeared,
A small sparkle in oblivion.
I moved to it without impression.
Mind blank,
Face expressionless,
I stare at the light.
And soon to be caring.
I found a purpose.
I found the reason,
Why my life had been without meaning.
That wasn't me,
Not who I was supposed to be.
The light,
It gleamed,
Getting larger and brighter,
With each understanding.
Light Hearted,
Not a care in the world,
I stayed with that light,
For once now adored.
And soon to be caring.
It washed away the darkness,
It cleansed out my doubt.
The light understood.
Amongst the deep void,
The light was the one,
Who remained in my adulation.

Holy Shiaz....

It took me this long to find a way to do this thing- my goodness. Anyways, now that I'm getting used to the new version of TheOtaku, I'll be posting stuff again- alright?

Bye for now~