i have new pics of me (yes really me) up and i would love to know what people think :)

short one today...

the offspring are providing the music for today lol. working on new poetry for look me up! Jessi P.

ex is infuriating me tired of crying all the time because of him...

anyways... that's all for now.


so I've been watching Inuyasha inbetween band practice. Listening to Riot by Three Days the guitar riff. My now ex fiance turned out to be cheating on me the entire time and now he chooses the other girl. yay life. I give up on relationships. they suck.

Today... is a Dope day.

Today is a very Dope day. If you haven't heard the band before, check them out. My band is covering their version of Spin Me Round. "You spin me right round, baby right round..." lol. yeah, I like it better than the original. and now... I'm switching to Sugarcult.

So... what to talk about? Looking forward to catching up on all the Bleach that I've missed. Looking forward to Rock on the Range festival. It's gonna be epic. Got a new guitar, saw Hollywood Undead in concert.

I haven't been on here in forever... but that's going to change lol.

Invader Zim is calling my name, till next time.

hats off to all you people. rock on :)