The team tangles with some fearsome foes during their quest to bring the Water Keys together in the Winged Forest, where the minor Keys must be combined to activate the Legendary Water Key.

The Big Wigs

Ryo Takemoto: The Llania Region's expansionist dictator is the top dog in the chain of command, of course.

  • His ultimate goal: Gain control of land in all the Gates.
  • His second mission priority: Collect the Water Keys to gain power over his subordinates.

Masahiro Tetsuyama: Previously in the police force, Tetsuyama climbs the ranks to become Takemoto's right-hand man and does all his dirty work. He also heads the division of Llania's strongest fighters -- all of them Yogan rank, the cream of the crop -- and trains new recruits. He is the scariest of the Keyholders' enemies, a manipulative and ruthless opponent.

Shiro Tokugawa: A general who leads Takemoto's expansionist armies. He has a frightening reputation as a no-nonsense tough guy on the battlefield.

Eternal Storm's (thusfar) unnamed copycat leader: The man who takes the helm in Llania after Takemoto is forced to step down tries to spark another war two years later.

The Not-So-Small-Fry: Llanian Guards

Guards: Trained fighters placed in the land occupied by Llania to suppress any rebellion from the natives. They also participate in espionage missions and battles if so ordered by high-ranking officials in the army. Many members of the Llanian Guard are much younger than the average soldier.

Satoshi Tetsuyama: General Tetsuyama's son. He is a skilled fighter who has a hot temper and is ruthless in battle.

  • His assignment: Taking back the minor Water Keys from the Keyholders by any means necessary.
  • His goal: Revenge against Reka for joining the Keyholders.

Ryouta Tomino: Satoshi's partner; a Llanian Guard who fights well and can play to others' emotions, making him a formidable foe.

Masato Ishikawa: An egotistical Llanian Guard who holds a grudge against Takeshi. He absolutely hates to lose.