Fun Notes from the Creator


Drawing and content-wise, Eternal Rain had a hodge-podge of influences from probably all of the series I'd watched by '06.

I'd created most of the OCs beforehand (Kita, Mara, Kiara and Jun-ai) then thought of a story idea and incorporated them all into it -- thus the large number of characters, which was probably also a result of being into Digimon and Monster Rancher (both Monster Rancher and Digimon 01 had a large group of main characters, all transported to a strange world). I originally designed Takeshi and Reka as .hack OCs, and .hack characters have markings on their faces (I also was a fan of Zoids, and Chaotic Century's cast had facial markings) XD. Toki and San-Qiung were designed along video game-based guidelines. The same goes for Sharon as well, but her clothing design is very .hack-ish (think BT ^o^).

Other influences...

  • Clothing and weapons: Naruto, Beyblade, & .hack//SIGN
  • Toki's pendant: Monster Rancher
  • Hairstyles: .hack//SIGN, Rurouni Kenshin, Beyblade (parts in the hair), Naruto
  • Elemental powers: Avatar XD (Sokka: Copyright infringement!!! >.<) Even though, like I said, I based both Takeshi and Reka on .hack//SIGN. Takeshi was a "Watermaster", and Reka's powers were fire and antigravity -- I should've kept the antigravity. *laughs* (By the way, Reka was originally a bad guy. 0_0 But he became good later.)

Story-wise, a lot of the ideas for "Eternal Rain" came from my History classes in school. The antagonist is kind of like Hitler, as he's a dictator who takes over his country, then goes on a march to take the rest of the world (in this case, the other Fire Gate regions and land in the other Gates). Throw in some civil rights conflicts, stratified social classes, and other sociological and historical issues, and you've got Eternal Rain in a nutshell, minus the fantasy/sci-fi aspect.

Design Changes

  • Kita's hair was originally browner, like a copper or goldenrod color.
  • Takeshi's hair was originally a much lighter blue.
  • Toki originally did not wear shorts under her skirt. 0_0 It was a modesty modification. (On a side note, her outfit was inspired by a more Native American style.)
  • Reka's original .hack design included a gold band around his head.
  • Yuki's original clothing design included a belt and a shorter, pleated skirt. Her shirt design has also changed (It looked too similar to Takeshi's).

Sad to say, I came up with some of my characters' names just by guaging how "Japanese" they sounded. After I had a Japanese dictionary, I was embarrassed to find what some of these names meant. For the Eternal Rain cast, I tried to piece together some meanings that made a little sense.

  • "Kita" means "north", so I made her moniker "The North Wind"; though it's not used in the series (which is subject to change), the alias is written on a lot of Kita's art. Her surname I pieced together to mean something like "good-humored". (I later found out that Kita is a viable name. YES!)
  • "Toki" has several definitions, two of which are "pottery" and "time" -- so I'd go with time -- and "Shimeru" means "to close". (She should've had time travel powers!! >.<)
  • Reka should probably be spelled "Reika," (if you want to go with a Japanese spelling) to match the way it sounds. I couldn't find a meaning for "Reika" or the "Nori" in his surname in my particular dictionary, though I know that "Nori" is used in names like Noriyuki.
  • I've changed the spelling of Yuki's surname from Takashima to Takishima.

There are probably many other things I could add here (like Takeshi's surname and Shuichi's surname XD).