PREVIEWS: Eternal Storm

From episode 4: The Key-Seekers

Mizuki raises her hand to silence her pupil. “These men,” she begins. “You’ve encountered them before?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Takeshi replies. “They are the ones who kidnaped Reka, Sharon and the others– eventually, they caught me, as well.”

“They were after the Keys,” Reka informs her. “They confiscated all of our minor Water Keys and our weapons, then locked us up against our will.”

Mizuki nods slowly. “These men,” she begins, “are a group of inter-dimensional guardians who call themselves “Seekers”. Their group has been around since the time of the first near-collision of the Water and Fire Gates. They possess extensive knowledge of all of the elemental Keys. They are, in a way, Key guardians themselves.”

“Then why did they kidnap Sis and the others?” Shiori breaks out. “And why aren’t they letting us do our part to protect the Keys?!”

“Now it makes sense,” Takeshi muses. “They kept saying, “you’re only kids” and “you don’t understand”. They don’t believe that we’re capable of guarding the Water Keys.”

The others fall into a thoughtful silence, taking in his words.

The Councilwoman nods. “That seems to be the case,” she replies. “Even though you’ve proven yourselves time and again, they still don’t trust you because you are inexperienced children.”

“Inexperienced...” Takeshi repeats thoughtfully. “Even after everything we have experienced, they still don’t believe we’re worthy...”

Mizuki looks Takeshi straight in the eyes and says, “You need to speak with the Seekers. If you and your group are going to save the Gates, you will need their knowledge.”

“And while we’re at it,” Toki adds, “we can prove to them that we’re responsible enough to handle our jobs as the Keys’ guardians.”

Takeshi nods, a spark of determination in his eyes. “We’ll do it.”

“Excellent,” Mizuki says, rising to her feet. “I wish you all the best. Please come back safely.”