The ALLIANCE Crew: Natsumi Shimizu

Eternal Storm builds on Eternal Rain's original cast...

Earth Gate Allies

Natsumi Shimizu is Toki and Atsuko's distant cousin, a Key Guardian in training.

Specialty: Earth elemental attacks; her rank is Jimen (elite fighter class).
Likes: playing the harp
Dislikes: disorder
Relatives of note: mother (Lady Miko Shimueru), father, distant cousins (Toki and Atsuko)
Closest friends: Yoshihiko, Takeshi

Others' views of her...
Takeshi: Natsumi is a good leader, and she's very elegant. ^-^ (Kita: Ooh, elegant! *smirk*)
Yoshihiko: Natsumi-sama deserves the utmost respect.
Atsuko: She's a prissy princess. >_< (Yoshihiko: How dare you speak about Natsumi-sama that way?! >:( )
Toshiro: She has a kind of high-and-mighty air. >.<