The ALLIANCE Crew: Toshiro Okino

Eternal Storm builds on Eternal Rain's original cast...

The Core Four Members

Toshiro Okino is a returning character from the Eternal Rain episode entitled "Refugees". He's the comic relief among the ALLIANCE crew.

Specialty: Fire elemental attacks; his rank is Hijin (intermediate fighter class)
Likes: joking around, playing soccer, collecting
Dislikes: Atsuko's mean nicknames (his is "Baka-brain"), unnecessary fights
Relatives of note: father, mother, older brother (Yusuke)
Closest friends: Reka, Shuichi, Shiori, Atsuko, Sora

Others' views of him:
Yusuke: My little brother is really energetic. ^^
Reka: He's a lot like Hisao. ^^...
Shuichi: He's a great help at the daycare center. ^-^
Shiori: Toshiro is a lot of fun! ^o^
Atsuko: He's a baka-brain, but I like him anyway. ^^