The Eternal Storm Crew: Atsuko Shimizu

Eternal Storm builds on Eternal Rain's original cast...

Core Four Members

Toki's younger sister, Atsuko Shimizu, is the second female lead.

Specialty: Water Key pendant
Likes: messing with her sister and Reka, sarcasm
Dislikes: being treated like a kid
Relatives of Note: mother, father, two older sisters (Yumi and Toki), aunt (Miko), cousin (Natsumi)
Closest Friends: Toshiro, Sora, Shiori

Others' views of her...
Toki: She surprises me sometimes. She's actually a good fighter. 0_0 (Atsuko: Pft! Of course! >_<)
Toshiro: Atsuko likes to call people names. :(
Reka: Little sadist. -_-' (Atsuko: Hey! I'm gonna yank your ponytail for that!)
Shiori: She's okay when you're on her good side. ^^
Sora: *nods* (Shiori: He doesn't talk much. ^^')