The Eternal Storm Crew: Shiori Higuchi

Eternal Storm builds on Eternal Rain's original cast...

Core Four Members

Kita's sister, Shiori Higuchi, takes center stage in Eternal Storm, when she is fourteen years old.

Specialties: Añi fan, Water Key pendant
Likes: swimming, hanging out with her friends
Dislikes: arguing, fighting
Relatives of Note: sister (Kita), father
Closest friends: Sora, Atsuko, Toshiro, Reka, Shuichi

Others' views of her...
Kita: She's still my little sweetheart Squirt. <3 (Shiori: Please don't say such embarrassing things, Sis'! T^T)
Atsuko: She's a crybaby. -_-
Sora: She's like my sister.
Toshiro: Shiori is really nice. ^^
Reka: She's gotten a bit reckless. 0_0 (Shuuichi: You're one to talk. -_-')
Takeshi: Shiori has certainly grown a lot. ^-^