Eternal Storm

The mission isn't over...

Eternal Storm is a sequel series that allows the ALLIANCE crew to take center stage (while the original Eternal Rain cast still plays a prominent role). It includes 28 episodes and a bonus story called REUNION.

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The five explorers who discovered the Gates– alternate, or “sister,” dimensions of Earth– were dubbed “the Legendary Five Heroes of the Gates” when they saved the dimensions from a disastrous collision. Generations later, their descendants, nine teenagers from Earth and the Fire and Water Gates, walked in their footsteps to save the Fire and Water Gates from colliding a second time and end a disastrous war. It has been almost two years since then. The Water Keys used to reset the positions of the Gates have been pursued by the most vile of villains for their own devious ends. The Keyholders, the protectors of the Keys, have kept them safe time and again, but they still are unaware of the true power of the Keys they possess. Some doubt whether or not the Keyholders are worthy– or even capable– of using the Keys at all...

The Key-Seekers | A New Battle | Bonus Episode