Eternal Rain: ALLIANCE

Plot Summary

A little less than a year after most of the old team reunites and Toki and Kita bring their sisters on their first adventure to the Gates, an emergency requires Toki and Kita to return. After the two girls go missing– leaving Takeshi with their Water Keys– Takeshi must call for more assistance. It becomes all too obvious that someone is after the Water Keys when more of the old team of Keyholders goes missing. It is up to Shiori and Atsuko to find out who is kidnaping the Keyholders before it is too late!



“So why did you ask for us?” Shiori asks. “Where are our sisters?”

Takeshi’s smile fades. “I asked them to come here..about a week ago, in the Gates’ time. Reka went missing about ten days ago, and your sisters and I went looking for him. Well,..during our search...Toki and Kita disappeared. Apparently, Sharon also went missing in that time. I even tried to contact Mara and her friend, Kiara, but they never replied– I’m assuming that they’re also MIA.”

“All of them...just vanished?” Shiori asks, her eyes wide with fear.

Takeshi nods. “I need your help. We have to find them, and soon.”