Eternal Rain: REVISITED

Plot Summary

When Toki and Kita return to the Kaita village with their younger sisters and Mara, they are planning on a peaceful vacation with their friends. However, it isn't long before trouble stirs up for the Keyholders -- and Llania may be pulling the strings.



“What is that?” Toki asks.

“It’s part of a communicator,” Reka says grimly. “Standard issue for Fire Guards. And it’s fresh.”

“Are you saying...?”

“Let’s not panic, yet,” Sharon says. “There’s no need to worry the village over a little gadget that could’ve belonged to any visitor.”

“Sharon, no one in the Water Gate has that kind of technology,” Mara reasons. “It could only have been someone from the Fire Gate.”

“They’re not allowed here without passage,” Takeshi says. “If someone got in, then that’s considered an act of open hostility. We have to alert the Kaita village!”

Suddenly, the village is thrown into an uproar. From where they are, the gang can hear villagers screaming, bells ringing, whistles and horns being blown.

Shiori and Atsuko keep glancing behind them into the pandemonium engulfing the village. The others have gotten tangled into fights with strange heavily-built men that they have never seen before.

“Who were those guys?” Mara asks.

“The Aodaki.”

“Aodaki?” Toki asks.

“A group that split off from Kaita decades ago to form their own village,” Mizuki explains. “They’ve been quiet since the battle between us and Llania began. But now, it seems they’ve taken quite an interest in you.”