Plot Description

After battling to get to the Legendary Water Key, Reka goes back home, knowing he has to face up to his hot-tempered father. He has made up his mind to protect people like Hisao, who live in the ghettoes, but his father forbids him from making a move. Reka will have to go against everything in order to protect the ones he cares about most, but at what cost to himself and those around him?



Mrs. Norikawa’s husband waves her off as he glances over the headlines. “Instead of wasting time, why don’t you go and find some decent work?”

“Isn’t your job enough?” Reka asks.

“Shut your mouth!” his father roars, “If you’re so concerned about work, then why don’t you find something constructive to do rather than bringing those dirty Peasants in off the streets!”

“They’re still people! They don’t deserve to be treated like trash!” Reka yells indignantly, standing up at the table.


Silence floods over the room. Hot with embarrassment, Reka sinks back down into his chair and doesn’t say another word.

“Haru, please don’t yell at him,” Mrs. Norikawa pleads. Her husband gets up from the table and stalks off into the hallway, taking his dinner with him.
“Why is it that these things are always brought up at times like this?” Reka’s mother frets, “We can’t even sit down to a peaceful meal anymore...”

“I’m sorry,” Reka murmurs.

His mother sighs. “You don’t have to apologize for your father’s actions,” she says, “But I don’t understand why you’re so willing to put yourself in danger to help people that you don’t even know. Why is it that you always do things like that?”

Reka gets up from the table. “I just can’t help it,” he says, “I don’t want to sit by and do nothing.”

“But you’re only hurting yourself!” his mother argues.

“I brought in two kids this week,” Reka explains, “One was so hungry, she could barely stand, and the other one was so sickly, I had to take him to a doctor...” Reka’s mother sits by in shock. “If that was your kid, your friend,..what would you do?”

“Reka,...helping them won’t bring Hisao back,” his mother says gently.

Reka pushes his chair in and nods to his mother. “I know,” he sighs, turning toward the front door. He walks silently out of the house.

Side Story: BROKEN