Eternal Rain: REBELLION

Plot Summary

The Llania Region has begun its sudden conquest of its neighboring dimensions. The Fire and Water Gates are colliding, and the new portals that appear as a result allow Llania’s armies to get in and invade. With his friend, Yuki's, help, a brave boy named Takeshi tries to piece together an ancient legend that could stop the Gate’s collision and the invading Fire Guards. But in the meantime, what will become of Takeshi and Yuki’s home?



“What do you think the Council is taking up right now?” Yuki asks.

“Who knows?” Takeshi sighs, putting another armful of tomatoes in his friend’s basket. “It could be anything, really– maybe even Aoiitaki village. They’ve been awful quiet lately.”

“There’s word circulating in the village that our Gate and the Fire Gate are on a collision course,” their classmate, Tatsuya, explains. “All the elders have gotten wind of it, and they’re all murmuring of legends. The rumors have all the adults spooked.”

“Apparently, the Council doesn’t want us kids getting involved before they bring it before the village,” Takeshi says. “I guess the Council only wants adults involved so they don’t start a panic. It makes sense, but I still can’t help wanting to do something about it, you know?”

“I understand,” Yuki says solemnly. “Is there any way I could help?”

Takeshi nods. “The more help I have doing the research, the faster we can get these family lines figured out so that we can get our hands on the Keys.”