Eternal Rain: PRESSURED

Plot Summary

Shuichi Makino and Katsushiro Toma get caught right in the middle of the conflict between the Fire and Water Gates. Will they give up everything they stand for to do what their superiors demand of them?



Shuichi and Katsushiro maneuver around the shrubbery as quickly and as quietly as they can and soon are climbing onboard the cart, when, suddenly, a voice from behind shouts,“THERE THEY ARE! IT’S THOSE SPIES!” Two heavily-built villagers from Aoiitaki step out from behind the villager who had emerged from the underbrush.

“It’s too late!” Shuichi cries. “Get out and run!”

He watches Katsushiro make his way across the stepping stones before glancing behind him again. The men can’t be far; now Shuichi can hear their voices.
“SHUICHI, COME ON!” Katsushiro calls.

“JUST GET OUT OF HERE, KATSUSHIRO!” Shuichi calls back. “RUN!!!”

“What about you?!” Katsushiro calls worriedly.

“I’m going to get them off your trail!” The men’s voices grow louder still. When Shuichi glances back, he sees their silhouettes through the trees. “DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME, JUST RUN AWAY AND DON’T LOOK BACK!!!”

He hears the men come crashing through the forest behind him. Shuichi glances back and sees the two men following only feet behind him. One of the men is already bearing down on him. The chase was over.