Eternal Rain: TRIGGER

Plot summary

Young Hisao Kuronichi has lived in the ghettoes of the Fire Gate for as long as he can remember, and things have never been easy. But when a new ruler takes control, Hisao watches his world fall apart piece by piece...



“It isn’t quite fair, is it?” Hikaru asks, “While us rich kids have the law on our side, have nobody...”

For a split second, resentment flashes through Hisao’s face.

Hikaru smiles sympathetically. “I don’t blame you for being angry.”

Hisao frowns and bows his head. “They only attacked me because they don’t think I’m good enough for them...They mock me for being poor and they know I’m not strong enough to fight back, so they take advantage of me...” Hikaru watches Hisao make his hand into a fist. “...I HATE it.”

There is a brief silence as the wind whistles down the riverbank. “Do you want to learn how to protect yourself?” Hikaru asks.

Hisao nods.

“There is a technique I can teach you,” Hikaru says, “It’s not easy to learn,...but it will be worth it. You can use it for self-defense. Do you want me to teach it to you?” Hikaru looks Hisao straight in the eyes and repeats the question. “Are you willing to learn the Surika Aite?”

Hisao’s eyes widen. “The Surika Aite?”

“That’s right. It’s a secret technique passed down in the Llania region. It’s a very high-level technique. But if you’re willing to attempt it, I’ll try my best to teach you how to use it.”

“...You would do that..for me?” Hisao asks in disbelief.