The Cast: Hisao Kuronichi

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The Cast: Flashback Characters

Hisao Kuronichi is Reka and Shuichi's best friend, who only appears in flashbacks in Eternal Rain's main series. (Hisao: At least I got my own prequel...)

Specialty: Fire elemental attacks (mid-range); his fighter rank is Yogan (elite fighter class).
Likes: playing soccer, hanging out with his friends; favorite food is garlic bread.
Dislikes: discrimination, fighting
Relatives of note: mother, father, aunt (Mayura)
Closest friends: Reka, Shuichi, Hikaru

Others' reactions to him...
Reka: Despite everything he's been through, he always tries to stay optimistic. ^^
Shuichi: He's a great friend, and my brother always talked about how bright he is. ^-^ (Reka: He'd have to be a genius to master the Surika Aite at only eight or nine years old. 0_0 Too bad he had to drop out of school...)
Katsushiro: Hisao is a brave little guy. ^-^
Daisuke: When it comes to soccer, he's really good despite his lack of stamina. ^^