The Cast: Daisuke Furujima

Eternal Rain features a large cast of diverse characters...

The Cast: Allies from the Fire Gate

Daisuke Furujima is Katsushiro's childhood friend. He acts as a comic relief for the Fire Gate trio.

Specialty: Telekinetic barriers; his fighter rank is Hijin (intermediate fighter class).
Likes: playing pranks, joking around, card games; favorite food is pizza.
Dislikes: when things get too serious
Relatives of note: mother and father
Closest friends: Katsushiro, Shuichi, Reka

Others' views of him...
Takeshi: He's fun, but he can also get down to business when the need arises. ^-^
Reka: He's a riot to hang around, but his jokes aren't always in the best of tastes. XD
Toki: He seems like a harmless goofball. ^^
Kita: He loves to goof off. XD
Shuichi: He's a loyal friend. ^^
Katsushiro: He needs to chill once in a while. -_-'