The Cast: Lady Mizuki Akibana

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The Cast: Allies from the Water Gate

Lady Mizuki Akibana is the councilwoman of the Kaita village, as well as Takeshi's teacher. She entrusts Takeshi with the task of gathering the Keyholders and finding the Legendary Water Key, which resets the positions of the Gates when all of the minor Water Keys are combined.

Specialty: Water and ice elemental attacks, mid-range. Fighter rank is Mizujin (elite fighter class).
Likes: teaching, reading; favorite food is sushi.
Dislikes: busy days (or at least, days that are busier than usual)
Relatives of note: niece (Yuki). Later marries into the Morita family.

Others' views of her...
Takeshi: She's a good teacher and a strong leader. ^^
Yuki: My aunt is very busy with the Council.
Sharon: She's a fair, but strong-willed woman. ^^