The Keyholders: Jun-ai Shen

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The Cast: Earthen Keyholders

Jun-ai Shen is the team's projectiles expert.

Specialty: projectile weapons, small explosives
Likes: athletics, going to her cousin's plantation
Dislikes: incompetence, school, life at home
Relatives of note: father, mother, older sister (Ming), cousin (Shaoqiang)
Closest friends: Kita, Mara

Others' views of her...
Takeshi: She's an excellent fighter. ^-^
Reka: ...But her personality could use some work. -_-
Toki: Jun is a jerk. >.<
Kita: You guys don't give her a fair chance. She's all right when you get to know her. ^^
Shaoqiang: My cousin has issues at home, so... (Jun-ai: That's personal! >_<)
Mara: Jun-ai acts tough because she's learned to be that way, but she's got a soft side, too. ^-^