The Cast: Sharon Stanton

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The Cast: Earthen Keyholders

Sharon Stanton is the team's medic, and as the second-oldest Keyholder, Takeshi values her opinion and advice.

Specialty: Electric orb, defense; medicine
Likes: spending time with friends, helping people, spicy food.
Dislikes: racism, motorsports
Relatives of note: mother, father
Closest friends: Mara, San-Qiung, Takeshi

Others' views of her...
Takeshi: She's mature and level-headed. I can rely on her. ^-^
Reka: If we didn't have her on the team, we'd be in a world of hurt.
Toki: She acts so much older than the rest of us. -_-
Kita: She talks funny. *snicker* (Sharon: That all you got to say? >_< /Kita: No, it ain't? *snicker*)
Mara: She's a great friend. ^^
Kiara: Sharon thinks she's Miss Perfect. >:|
San-Qiung: She's reasonable and dependable. ^-^