The Keyholders: Toki Shimizu

Eternal Rain features a large cast of diverse characters...

Core Four Keyholders

Toki Shimizu takes center stage in Eternal Rain's main storyline.

Specialties: Naginata (English equivalent: halberd) for attack; Water Key Pendant for defense.
Likes: writing, shopping with her classmate, Aki
Dislikes: school in general (especially the catty girls and the cafeteria food)
Relatives of note: Mom, Dad, older sister (Yumi), younger sister (Atsuko), aunt (Miko), (cousin (Natsumi), but Toki doesn't know her yet)
Closest friends: Kita, Reka, Mara

Others' views of her...
Atsuko: My sister's evil! >.<
Takeshi: She's a valuable asset to the team. ^^
Kita: Love her! It's like I have two little sisters! <3
Reka: She's fun to mess with. XD (Takeshi & Kita: 0.0.../Reka: What?!)
Mara: She's a sweetie. =^^=
San-Qiung: She is honest and a hard worker. ^-^