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Rating: PG/Teen (13+) for sci-fi/fantasy violence

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Character Histories: Mara, Sharon and Kiara


  • Hometown: Detroit, U.S.
  • Family: 3 members
  • Originally lives in South Carolina with Sharon. She moves to the north when her father is relocated for work.
  • In Detroit, she meets and befriends Kiara. They are transported to the Water Gate together and train under a kunoichi from a neighboring village.


  • Hometown: Charleston, U.S.
  • Family: 3 members
  • She grows up in the southern U.S., where discrimination has once again reared its ugly head.
  • She goes to a good school, and is teased for being black, but "acting white". She is determined to become a doctor.
  • After being transported to the Water Gate, she takes up lodging in one of Kaita's neighboring villages.


  • Hometown: Detroit, U.S.
  • Family: 3 members
  • Her family flees racial squabbles in South Africa and comes to the U.S.
  • Kiara has a hard time adjusting until she makes friends with Mara.

Character Histories: Jun-ai & San-Qiung

  • Hometown: Jun--Hong Kong, China/ San-Qiung--Beijing, China
  • Family: Jun--4 members, dysfunctional /San-Qiung--10 members
  • Jun-ai's father is a drunkard and her mother abuses her. Her older sister, Ming, also antagonizes her.
  • Jun's aunt and uncle from Beijing ask her to visit, and she enjoys the quiet life with her cousin, San-Qiung.
  • After an awful altercation with her mother, Jun-ai leaves home and flees for Beijing. Along the way, she is transported to the Water Gate; she finds herself reunited with San-Qiung, and the cousins soon find allies in a nearby village who train them to fight.

Character Histories: Kita

  • Hometown: Niigata, Japan
  • Family: 2 members
  • When Kita's father walks out of the family after her mother's tragic death, Kita is forced to take care of her little sister, Shiri, all by herself.
  • Her mother's pendant transports her to Night's Sea, where she meets Takeshi and the kunoichi who trains her and bestows upon her the Añi Fans.

Character Histories: Takeshi

  • Hometown: Kaita village
  • Family: Grandparents
  • Takeshi and Yuki both lose their parents during battles with the Aoiitaki, a branch village made up of former Kaita residents who disagreed with the Council's policies and went rogue.
  • Takeshi is entrusted with a minor Key, and he and Yuki research into the minor Keys and scramble to find their rightful holders. During this time, Llania's General Tetsuyama invades and posts Guards in the village. Spies are also afoot...

Character Histories: Reka

  • Hometown: Kurosaka, Llania
  • Family: 3 members, upper-class, dysfunctional
  • Reka loses his friend, Hisao, when he is eight years old.
  • Six years later, Reka and his friends are drafted into the Llanian Guard against their will. Reka is sent on a mission to the collect one of the minor Keys. But, knowing that the Keys belonged to the Kaita village, Reka steals back some of the Keys from the Llanian army and goes AWOL -- which is when he comes into contact with Takeshi in the Kaita village.