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KL: Preview Clip 4 ~ Hideo's Wisdom

“Thanks for the meal!” Hideo called after him. He turned around to face Kaori and said, “And no thanks to you for drinking up almost all the water!” He suddenly stopped in his tracks. Kaori’s smile had vanish...

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KL: Preview Clip 3 ~ Kaori Runs Away from Home

“You hear everything but the important stuff,” Kaori cried. “I don’t want you to go! And I don’t want to be a Keyholder! Why can’t we be a normal family?!” “Kaori, this training will ...

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KL: Preview Clip 2 ~ Nikko's Word Confusion

So, the next day, Kaori was sitting next to NikkĊ in Takumi’s office. Kaori was having a hard time believing that the quiet little nine-year-old was an Air Keyholder. She was slightly disgusted at the thought. I really can’t escap...

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PREVIEWS: Keyholders' Legacy

Preview Clip 1: Kaori's Intro “I don’t want to go to Keyholder training!” The redhead stomped her foot, her brown eyes narrowed in anger under her bangs. She dodged her mothe...

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Legacy's Premise

It's difficult to tell much about "Keyholders' Legacy" without dropping spoilers about the previous series. It's intended as a transition into a story about the second generation of Keyholders.

The new enemy introduced in KL is not from the Gates. This time, the enemy is an organization from Earth that is targeting people who have anything to do with the Gates -- which spells trouble not only for immigrants who have roots in the Gates but also for the Keyholders.

This threat puts the Key-Seekers, an organization that keeps balance and diplomacy between the Gates and Earth, in a risky position. Not wanting to get tangled up in a diplomatic crisis between Earth and the Gates, the Seekers try to cut ties with the Keyholders living on Earth, which only results in more trouble and traps Takumi, a longtime friend of the Keyholders, in the middle of it all.

In the meantime, the Keyholders-in-training become the next targets of this mystery organization from Earth, and several Keys are stolen...