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Story genres: Action, adventure, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, shonen
Rating: PG/Teen (13+) for sci-fi/fantasy violence

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A Quick-Reference Guide to the Eternal Rain Universe

Click any topic for quick references! _______________________ Gates The Gates are all alternate dimensions, or "sister dimensions", of Earth. ...

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Who's Who? - Character Relationships

Takeshi | ...

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A Long Run

It is 2013. The saga that started with "Eternal Rain" is almost eight years old as of this year. WOW.

Eternal Rain (with prequels and sequels)
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Eternal Storm
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Keyholder Chronicles
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Keyholders' Legacy
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Eternal Snow

Yes. My newest additions to the saga are more than a year old now. How time flies! With close to ten years writing this universe, these characters have become a part of me, and I hope you've enjoyed seeing them grow.

KL: Preview Clip 5 ~ Caught

“We’re your only winning ticket, girl. You’d better take it,” the SO team leader growled. As much as Kaori wanted to, she couldn’t tell him ‘no’ – she couldn’t tell him that there was no...

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Profile: Enes

Eternal Snow Cast: New Allies

Enes Silva first appeared in Keyholders' Legacy. In Eternal Snow, he is a newly-named Earth Keyholder.

Specialty: medicine
Likes: helping people
Dislikes: being underestimated/treated like a kid
Relatives of Note: grandfather
Closest Friends:

Others' views of him...
Kaori: Enes is kind of a smart-mouth. And a know-it-all. / Hideo: You're one to talk. XD / Kaori: Shut up! / Nikkou: Stop being mean! TnT
Hideo: He's a good guy to have around in a tough situation.
Nikkou: I like Enes. ^-^