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The Key-Seekers

Organization When it comes to the elemental Keys, the chain of command is very organized. The elemental Keys are gemstones with special properties. The Water Keys, in p...

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Siblings: Hoshi


Hoshi is Sora's younger sister.

Specialty: Wind elemental attacks; rank unknown.
Likes: beading, weaving, playing with her brother
Dislikes: when her brother is away for long periods of time
Relatives of note: older brother (Sora)
Closest friends: Sora

Others' views of her...
Shiori: She's sweet, but so lonely. <:(
Sora: Gentle and strong. ^^
Takeshi: Hoshi seems very frail. We don't ask her to help us. :(
Atsuko: She's cute! =^^=
Toshiro: Ditto. ^^ (Atsuko: She's too young for you, Baka-brain! >.<)

New Additions: Takumi

Friend or Foe?

The mysterious Takumi joins the Keyholders as a monitor. Can he be trusted?

Specialty: Añi Fan
Likes: Stargazing
Dislikes: his father's strictness
Relatives of note: father, mother, younger sister (Hiromi)
Closest friends: Shiori

Others' views of him...
Shiori: Takumi doesn't show it, but he has a sweet side. ^^
Atsuko: He's stuck-up. >.<
Toshiro: Takumi's kind of awkward and emotionless. -_-
Hiromi: My brother works hard. ^-^

New Additions: Taki Kobayashi

Eternal Storm builds on Eternal Rain's original cast...

Water Gate Ally

Taki Kobayashi is a the team's youngest member.

Specialty: water elemental attacks; her rank is Nataña (intermediate fighter class).
Likes: helping out, water sports
Dislikes: bugs
Relatives of note: mother, father, cousin (Hana)
Closest friends: Takeshi, Hana, Shiri

Others' views of her...
Takeshi: Taki is a smart, helpful girl. ^^
Hana: Taki is fun and nice. =^^=
Shiori: She's a good helper. :)
Kita: Taki is very energetic. ^^b
Sharon: She's a little on the young side to be draggin' into fights...

The ALLIANCE Crew: Yoshihiko Ono

Earth Gate Allies

Yoshihiko Ono is Natsumi's bodyguard and friend.

Specialty: Weapons and hand-to-hand; his rank is Ishijin (intermediate fighter rank).
Likes: hanging out with Natsumi, music
Dislikes: Cramped places, traitors
Relatives of note: mother
Closest friends: Natsumi

Others' views of him...
Takeshi: Yoshihiko doesn't get along well with others. :(
Natsumi: Yoshihiko is very loyal and protective. ^^
Shiori: He's overprotective; he hurts people. :(
Atsuko: Jerk-face. >_<
Toshiro: He has a short fuse and likes to bark. >.<