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Story genres: Action, adventure, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, shonen
Rating: PG/Teen (13+) for sci-fi/fantasy violence

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Eternal Rain episode clip 1

Hi! kita here! I'm embarrassed at how these are written now, but they were only intended as scripts for drawing the comic. Just for the purpose of giving you a taste of the storyline, I'll include a few clips from the written episodes (with some m...

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Customs and Ranks

An Interdimensional Custom Body markings called family marks are a native custom passed down to colonizers. Because many natives used their village name as a surname, they used...

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Welcome to the Fire Gate

The Fire Gate is another linked dimension that is currently on course to collide with the Water Gate. The leader of the Llania Region has overtaken all the others regions; now, the Fire Gate is considered an enemy of all the Gates as Llania's lead...

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Eternal Rain's Setting

Most of the main series takes place in the Kaita village, Takeshi and Yuki's home. It was established by some of the first settlers in the Water Gate. A council of elders, headed by the young Lady Mizurii Akibana, govern the village.

Items of note:

Night's Sea is an oriental, old-world castle and courtyard that protects a portal into and out of the Water Gate. It is on the border of the village.

School here is only held in the morning, but students have to attend all year round and tend to the village's agriculture and trade in the afternoons.

The village of Aoiitaki constantly butts heads with its sister village of Kaita. Aoiitaki's residents are a large group of people who split off from Kaita years ago because they didn't agree with the village's operation.

Eternal Rain's Backstory

Not too far into the future, Earth is on the brink of disaster. Food and water are contaminated and unsuitable to consume. War, overpopulation and pollution threaten to destroy the planet. As a last resort, expeditions go out to other planets; all...

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