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Eternal Rain: PRESSURED

Plot Summary Shuichi Makimo and Katsushiro Tomaru get caught right in the middle of the conflict between the Fire and Water Gates. Will they give up everything they stand for to do what their ...

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Eternal Rain: TAKEOVER

Plot Summary After grieving for six years over the loss of his friend, Hisao, Reka Norikawa’s father, the prejudiced General Norikawa, sends Reka to boot camp to force him to forget Hisa...

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Eternal Rain: TRIGGER

Plot summary Young Hisao Kuronichi has lived in the ghettoes of the Fire Gate for as long as he can remember, and things have never been easy. But when a new ruler takes control, Hisao watches...

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Eternal Rain Timeline ~ Prequels & Sequels

Titles in chronological order

[Eternal Rain]
Underground -- Side story: Broken
[Eternal Storm] -- Bonus story: Reunion
Keyholder Chronicles
Keyholders' Legacy
[Eternal Snow]

Eternal Rain epsisode clip 3

From Eternal Rain episode 27: The Power of Friendship “Let’s get out of here!” Takeshi calls, making a wide gesture so that the others can see him. “Sharon, cover our western side,” he says. Sha...

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