Personal project help?

Hey all. So this isn't a rant for once. I actually need your help with a personal art project that I want to do.

So it's called 'Who Are You?' and I need different styles, interest ect

Like looks and likes and colors and schemes and so forth.....yeah..So I guess you can just say what you look like and what your interest are and personality and such. I'm not being creepy I promise. ( I could do ocs but I'm trying to keep it realish..)

Yeah I need like 9 of these so hopefully I get a lot of helpful people to help me with this.

Because it's a personal art project it probably wont be done for some time but I will do updates if anyone wants them.

You're amazing if you figure it out just from the title and the questions

Thank you very much for helping ^^
*In a better mood today cause awesome people are awesome*