Warning Life Rant

Hey all. So I know you're probably bored about my rants on my art project and life but I need to get this off my chest.

So I'm almost donelike page wise, still need to put it together and puts words and such.. and I hate it. Like it's so messy and its crap and gaahh. I don't even want to hand it in because it's so crappy and because it's the first big project I don't want my teacher to think that this is all I can give. But like I said because it's the first big project it's worth a big grade and even though it's crap if I don't hand it in I wont get a grade at all and I refuse to fail art. Anyway so I can't wait till it's finally fully done and it's handed in and I can get my grade and just move on. Sigh hopefully the next project is better.

Plus on top of this I'm stressed and depress and this is making my health decrease and that means I'm missing a lot of school Like todayand that makes me more stressed because I'm falling behind in my classes. So my teachers are bugging me and my parents and that makes me more stressed because I have no time to breath and my parents are bugging me about being social but I can't be social when I'm sick and trying to keep up with school and the marking period ends tuesday which makes me needing to get things done fast but I have no time.

*breaths and falls over* I just need this all to be done so I can be back on track.

Ok well I'm off to finish things and thanks for allowing me to rant.