A world where I can put random stuff. Maybe some rants. Who knows with me..

Name: Alison

Nick Names: Ali, Essence, Ess, Wolf girl, Ali-cat (you can call me Ess or Essance here)


Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: brown

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, taking photos

Likes: Wolves, The moon , Reading, Nature, Writing, Turtles, Angels, Knights, The night (I'm a night owl), Black and white photography, Music, Rain, Fall,

Dislikes: Annoying people, Hot weather (I rather have it cold), Pain,

Animals: Got a pit bull/lab mix named Ashe

Favorite animal: Wolf and dogs

Favorite food: I'm not that picky so I'll eat almost anything

Favorite color: Blue and green

Favorite author: Book wise it's between Darren Shan and James Patterson

First Manga: Chibi Vampire

First Anime: I think it was Naruto

Places you can find me

Devianart: iamEssence



So cold so stinken cold. Why must it snow the day my brother moves? I can't feel my fingures or toes. Sigh oh well at leasr I'm done with that and I can hopfuly work on my art. Maybe idk I kinda took a nice bit of skin off my ring fingure on my right hand soooo I'm not sure hpw much I can get done. That's another rhing. Why is it that everytime I do something to my hands or wrist or something it has to be my right hand. Sigh whatever I give up right now I just want my free dinner and my hot coco. So I'm off.

50 subs!

50 subs!! It makes me happy just reaching that number. I shall draw something for this eventully. I really want to that you guys for keeping me going and helping me and being nice to me and such. I'm off to do some school art sigh but I will hopfully get new stuff up eventully for you people.

Merry Christmas!& Happy Holidays

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is having a nice holiday.

Mine was good. Got a nook and been on it most of the day (on it now). So because of that I havnt done much today other than figure out how to use it and now that I haave I am reading the Hobbit. Though I really should be finishishing up my ss drawing. I'm sorry I'm slacking. I will get it done and up tomrrow. Anyway I'm off to read more of the Hobbit.


It's snowing! It's really good pack snow too. my family decided to go to the Christmas service at our church at 9. I'm like people that's my bed time. and I'm wearing a skirt and it's snowing..Gotta love leggings for this kind of stuff. Anyway

Merry Christmas Eve.

Break is not break

*Falls over* By the end of this break I'm going to be so good at story boards.. and so sick of drawing and coloring. Sleep that's all I ask for this break but I have to much to do. Math, foods class papers...Art art and more art. Why can't break actually be a break? Sigh on to finishing work. Hopefully I can get them all done early and then I can sleep..